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  1. I cant comment on female attendings but female nurses are alot rougher on female clerks compared to men
  2. Mandibular

    Debate: Dying with Dignity Bill 52 passes in Quebec

    It would make me uncomfortable too, but the patients needs come before my comfort level and religious beliefs Im happy this went through, I just hope it'll be very well regulated
  3. Mandibular

    MD vs DO - should cost be an issue

    MD with no hesitation if given the choice Also, there's no way you would know for sure if you want primary vs specialty until youve lived through rotations
  4. Mandibular

    ccfp exam

    Count me in as well!!
  5. Mandibular

    Game of Thrones

    man I freaked out, im still in shock...
  6. Mandibular

    Sciences biologiques

    oui mais ca ne donne pas une aussi bonne cote comme avant. avant ( il ya 6-8 ans) un 3,6 donnait 33 de cote... aujourdhui, c'est donne a peine 30
  7. Mandibular


    I went with the cardiology III and its awesome!
  8. Mandibular

    General Surgery Residency

    to my knowledge, there actually wasn't any advertised international position in the country since January 2013
  9. Mandibular

    Nurses acting like physicians

    actually at my school, you'll get kicked out if you have an average of c. just sayin
  10. pour CLM, ils avaient convoqué +/- 100 personnes avec 9 ou 15 places de residence en medfam. Tu peux l'avoir, juste assure toi de faire ton stage de med fam la-bas
  11. Non car tu dois faire au moins 4 mois à ton campus de base. De plus, les postes d'externat se font par pige, et Charles-Lemoyne est tres populaires. Tu n'as absoluement aucun guarantie d'avoir tout tes choix à CLM.
  12. lexternat cest 1 ans et demi a sherbrooke
  13. Mandibular

    Pour le TAAMUS

    pour l'hotel le plus proche au chus, c'est le motel Fleuri
  14. -a cab driver -a tim hortons janitor