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  1. Hey Mr.Sanger, Do you think it is possible they raise the CARS cut off to 129 again or 130?
  2. Do they have anything for percentages into GPA?
  3. "For undergraduate students, to be considered full-time you must complete 18 transferable units of course weight (ucw) during the academic year (September through April) or 12 ucw during the Spring and Summer terms (May through August)." Sounds like 6 half courses for the entire year = 1 academic year Does anyone know where to find the grade conversion chart (coming from omsas)? I can't find it anywhere here or on their website
  4. Make sense, "all post secondary grades will be measured" Thanks again
  5. Does this mean my course based masters won't count?
  6. Result: Rejected GPA: 3.83 MCAT: 10/11/12 ECs: Pretty high %tile Interview: Thought I struggled only on 2 stations, turns out i bombed it in entirety Year: BSc completed last summer Geography: OOP Lost for words
  7. I don't think schools care too much, since Dalhousie already released acceptances in march...
  8. Definitely short, not enough time to read, not enough time to answer. I would have appreciated more choice with my time instead of "this time is allocated for this and after it's up you cannot add to it no matter what" Panel was also short, overall it was not what I was expecting at all...
  9. Shouldn't he have time to make amends and explain exactly what happened to the ADCOMS? Or they instantly banned him?
  10. Thank you Dassy, it was in fact sent to my junk mail for some reason. I guess I don't have anything else to ask other than "how do you deal with the fact that the odds are terrible?". Having 500 interviewees and only 87 spots without much of a wait list movement is certainly discouraging. How did you guys deal with it when you were going through it?
  11. I was invited for an interview but I didn't get any information related to that site... Can I ask how you found out about this? I didn't see it on the Queen's School of Medicine site?
  12. Thank you for sharing and I appreciate you taking your time to reply to my questions. Hopefully I'll see you Friday,
  13. amichel, thank you for answering questions. I wanted to know if there is a particular reason why UofC, in what seems like a comparison to other schools, have quite a huge % of students match to family med/psychiatry vs. things like IM or Surgery? I got this impression from looking at http://www.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/admissions/national-ranking-outcome-measures I know there is the UCLIC program... I feel like I am pressured to talk up family medicine during my upcoming interviews when I am not even sure of what to do next. Another question regarding the interview: Will there be cooperation MMI stations where another (or a couple) of applicant (s) come together to solve a problem? I don't want to get thrown off that's all.
  14. They forgot to attach the flyer. I had to email them to get a copy.
  15. I tried to do that, I clicked select and when I pressed again for confirm, the webpage reloaded and I lost that slot At least I have another interview time... Could have been worse right? Can't think of anything else more fair than first come first serve.
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