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  1. Rejected, really surprised because I thought the interview went very well...
  2. Last name is in first half of alphabet, email stamp 8:16.
  3. I just got it too. So relieved that I didn't get the flat out reject. I think it'll move quite a bit, we still have a chance!
  4. The CASPer® score shall contribute 30% of the composite score used in the selection of applicants for the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). The CASPer® score shall contribute 10% to the composite score weighting in the final selection of interviewed applicants for admission. Seems weird to me that the manitoba OOPs don't have the button in that case
  5. The Max Rady College of Medicine requires the English CASPer® test. Applicants to the Manitoba applicant pool and the Out of Province applicant pool must achieve a threshold CASPer® score greater than 1.5 standard deviations below the mean for their respective applicant pool in order to maintain their eligibility. Sounds like it's simply used as a screening tool.
  6. "reset" button if applicants want to make changes before submitting acceptance to an offer. So we have an offer, but having a button or not doesn't indicate other offers in the future? This is just more confusing if anything.
  7. I think the blue button referred to Mosaic. This is a situation on OMSAS. From what I understand, last cycle all western applicants found out at midnight. Which was an accurate reflection of the final result anyways.
  8. Sorry, this isn't the button we are talking about.
  9. Earlier on, someone said their MD/PHD friend that got accepted had this button. (N=1 tho). Like I said, I pressed it and it says "all offer responses reset". Seems like it only resets offers, when you withdrawal offer on the right hand side, a separate window pops up.
  10. Don't think this has to do with waitlists Dan, if you press the button it says "All offer responses reset."
  11. I am trying not to look too much into this. I don't want to have false hope just to be let down on May 12th.
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