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  1. This is what I was actually referring to: "Graduate Students: All applicants are subject to the same application requirements. Applicants who have obtained a Masters or PhD are eligible to receive additional points towards their rank score. For those nearing completion of their program who wish to have these points added to their score, please have your supervisor provide a letter as proof of successful completion once you have defended your thesis with no required revisions. For those completing a Masters by coursework we will require a letter from your faculty indicating that you have completed the required coursework and have applied for and been approved to graduate."
  2. According to the admissions website, it says that masters and PhD get extra points on their evaluation. Not necessarily additional GPA points. The registrar’s calculation is a little different than mine. Does anyone have info on how UofA convert grades from different universities?
  3. I agree with you. Once your objective is to achieve the highest marks possible, your work ethic and strategy (taking some easier courses) you take can certainly get you there. Many people don't recognize this until it is too late. I just hate the fact that I attended an institution for higher learning yet cared more about my marks than actual learning outcomes, after all, learning wasn't going to help me be more employable in the field I wanted to venture in, or help me pay my bills. Hell, I did not enjoy learning for learning's sake until my Master's Degree. I wish the system rewarded you for learning outcomes rather than focusing on getting the highest marks possible.
  4. I have the exact same MCAT scores (maybe more balanced than yours?) and a lower GPA. I guess this year they were a bit more holistic as I spent a ton of time on my essay responses. I also have a MSc, which could have added some points? I don't think it hurts to call and ask, the admissions staff has been incredibly helpful and transparent about it all.
  5. It's funny how undergrad is supposed to be a time to learn and make mistakes, yet the intensity of the competition makes it impossible to have a chance if you are not perfect. Unless you were raised in perfect conditions, studied without any financial stress, or went to school in manitoba or saskatchewan, you don't stand a chance against these other demi-gods.
  6. Exact same thing happened for me. Just waiting for GPA to be released now. Thanks.
  7. Any Ontario applicants care to chime in? None of my verifiers have been contacted yet
  8. Mine were really low, so it was a complete surprise to be invited. Hang in there
  9. Email says Tuesday, Oct 15. My assumption is that the next wave of invites will be sent out then.
  10. I can't believe it, received OOP invite. See you there!
  11. Doesn't look like it from last year's interview thread?
  12. Do you mind telling us which applicant pool?
  13. No problem, I think it was important to write it out so you can frame where you stand and what your options are. Most members here are just as supportive, I simply elaborated on what others have already mentioned. I am afraid you still don't fully understand your situation. You mentioned that you've only thought about this in your final year, and you have a lot of research to do. A few points of clarity for you: without a second undergrad or more years of full time study in undergrad (minimum 2), your chances are near 0% right now. So when you apply, you need to have 2 full years of grades already. If you started sept 2020, you need your grades from 09/20-05/21 and 09/21-05/22. Effectively, your chances won't be significant until Sept of 2022, which is 3 years from today. A MSc won't help you, Queen's Western and Dal only care about undergraduate grades, most grades from the MSc don't count towards med GPA calculations. Like others have previously mentioned, your academic record would almost exclude you from the entirety of the US, UK and Australia.If you look at the overseas list that accepts Canadians, you'll come to a realization that all of them are 3.5 and above(and that's really stretching it). You need to sit down, do some research on the statistics and cutoffs. I think you are overly optimistic about your situation, there are less than 30 medical schools that frequently intake Canadians. Not a single one of them will accept anyone with a below 3.0 GPA international student. Spots in the US are very limited for internationals as they typically favour their in-state students. A second undergrad is a huge red flag during their application process, their ADCOMs are not as forgiving as Canadian school ones. The practice of doing a masters and applying again is different in the US, as some schoo's have their own MSc program to specifically help people get into their affiliated medical school program. Most student serious about research goes directly into a PhD in the states, so the evaluation of a Canadian MSc is tricky. The Caribbean comes with enormous amounts of issues on its own, a quick search on r/premed or these forums would lead to the logical decision not to do it. If you truly value staying near your support system, I find it difficult to believe that you are unwilling to move provinces but willing to cross entire borders. Finally, yes, it is daunting to be taking classes with people who are much younger than you, I've done it, it sucks. You feel like you don't belong there. But you have to make the most tactical and necessary decision. Best of luck to which ever path you have chosen,
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