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  1. The American Express bonus point offer that is out right now does not apply to cards that have the annual fees waived under specialty programs like this, so unfortunately cards set up under the Scotia Professional Student Plan do not come with that offer. The only card that has the bonus point offer under the plan is the Passport Visa Infinite. If people are getting the Gold American Express with the bonus point offer they will be charged the annual fee after the first year. In regards to your last point you should get consistent information if your speak to an advisor on this list. If you venture outside of that list you are taking a chance on dealing with someone who may not be as familiar and up to date with these plans.
  2. It would go to Prime before changes were made today, and I don't see any changes to that mentioned so I assume that remains.
  3. We don't have any information on anything like that right now, unless maybe @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor knows something I don't.
  4. This acquisition is not complete as of yet so I wouldn't expect any changes until everything is approved/completed. It will likely be another couple of months until that is all said and done.
  5. You have the option to keep it as a student LOC and still have access to it for 24 months after finishing residency/fellowships, or you can convert it to a professional LOC within 12 months of finishing residency/fellowship and have access to it indefinitely.
  6. Changes are live - $300K limit is now available
  7. Stay tuned next week for news - looks like Friday of next week.
  8. This is a sign that you are dealing with someone who does not have enough experience with the SPSP program. Ideally you'd want to deal with someone on this list. If you deal with a random advisor/branch chances are that they won't be up to date or familiar with a lot of the changes, unless you luck out and find someone like myself who isn't on the list but still keeps up to date with these things. Chances aren't good though I have to say.
  9. I'm sure it will be posted here as soon as we know.
  10. You can not - you'd have to get the LOC as part of the package, but that doesn't mean you'd have to use it. You can just have it set up and sit there without ever withdrawing from it if you dont need it.
  11. https://www.prioritypass.com/scotiabankpassport
  12. GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor

    LOC increase above standard limit

    I can't see that arrangement lasting once the purchase is finalized.
  13. It's not automatic, get in touch with your advisor when the time comes.
  14. GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor

    LOC increase above standard limit

    We will do it on an exception basis, but you'll need a suitable co-signor for the increase. Also keep in mind that we are supposed to be increasing our limits any day now.
  15. It's not updated in our credit agreement yet, but we do offer the 2 years.