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  1. I mean do they consider the volunteering at the hospitals here in the GTA to be good enough for their standards? Because most schools stress that you should have some patient contact, at the very least. Most of these volunteer positions nowadays don't really give much exposure in that way.
  2. Hi, Does Scotia Bank provide student loans without a guarantor when looking at UK medical schools? Are there other banks that provide loans without guarantors? I was under the impression that Scotia Bank does but I may have been wrong. Any one with experience here? Thanks.
  3. I saw they have an observership thing there - will need to find a doc to sponsor which is the bigger issue. In your experience, do these schools take the regular volunteering we do at hospitals (which tbh doesn't involve much patient care)?
  4. Hi, What are some places for physician shadowing and/or volunteering at hospitals where there is an interaction with patients on a regular basis in Toronto? UK med schools have some stringent requirements when it comes to this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Why isn't it a desireable workplace in comparison to Canada?
  6. Yes, I am a Canadian. I am just more surprised at the "without a cosignor" part as that was a big deterrent for me when applying for medical schools abroad.
  7. Do you need to be a SB card user? I am with TD and would like to try this out if we can get a loan without a cosigner.
  8. Well, isn't DO a doctor of osteopathic medicine?
  9. Can someone who is a practicing physician in US practice in Canada if they have a DO degree?
  10. It looks like I won't be able to get a loan due to financial reasons... which leaves me with the option of going back to my home country and doing MBBS there.. then perhaps applying to the UK or US!
  11. Hello, I didn't know what the best platform for this question is.. but would one get loan from banks if the parents are on OW (social assistance) or were taking OW one year prior to enrollment in medical school? Thanks a lot for the help!
  12. Yes, I intend on doing some more research on both the undergrad as well as post-grad programs for medicine in UK. I want to do postgrad there and it is definitely more competitive, so let's hope for the best. Thank you both for the answers.
  13. So, If I go to a med school in Ireland, are there options of doing residency there? Is UK better in this regard than Ireland?
  14. Hi, If anyone here is selling UKCAT material in Toronto area... Please let me know. Interested in buying. Thanks,
  15. Hi, I see a lot more threads on Ireland, US, Australia, Caribbean medical schools.. but rarely on the UK or other european countries. Why is it that people don't apply there? Especially, if coming back to Canada is pretty much the same from any country as an IMG. It doesn't seem bad if one wants to stay there for residency either. So, I am really lost here. Would love the insights on this.
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