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  1. Hello everyone, I am really confused between Cardio & Ophtho Deep down in my heart, I know I like cardiology better + (I hate surgeries - but optho surgeries are microsurgeries so that's okay, I guess) But at the same time I want a lifestyle- friendly specialty (more money for less hours) Anyone had a similar dilemma ?
  2. Yeah I meant the 2017 admissions........ it is okay to give up the Alberta healthcare card....but when will he be able to get his new RAMQ-card ?
  3. No sir I am not trolling..... and I don't have to explain myself to you
  4. Hello, Regarding situation 5 on how to establish Quebec residency..... your parent's main residence is in Quebec I am a Canadian PR......we aren't permanently staying in Canada at the moment...we come and go..... my mum has lived in Alberta for about a year (but she is staying there permanently now)..... my dad for about 4-5 months...... me only 70 days....we didn't go anywhere else just Alberta because we have friends over there Now my dad is willing to move to Quebec so that I can get Quebec residency so that I can apply to McGill as IP. Before asking any questions, I know situation 8 can work for me but I specifically want situation 5 to work for personal reasons...... and I am aware that I would be better off staying in Alberta where there are 2 medical schools but as I said I have personal reasons. Me and my dad are currently outside of Canada and planning to move to Quebec in January 2016 so that I can apply in the 2016-2017 application cycle so basically we will have lived in Quebec about 11 months by the application deadline So I have some questions please: 1. In order to fulfill situation 5.... do both my parents have to be in Quebec ? Or one is enough ? 2. My dad has received some medical treatment in Alberta and has an Alberta medicare card..... if he moves to Quebec is he entitled to medical care in Quebec ? This is very important as my dad has some chronic illnesses which require medical care... 3. Can my dad get a RAMQ-issued medicare card ? Please help me .....
  5. Hello, Regarding percussion of the lungs......... I know I have to percuss in the inter-costal spaces not on the ribs.......but I have a problem in locating them.....no matter whether the patient is lean or obese.....I just don't know whether I am percussing on a rib or an intercostal space.....I can't feel whether there is a bone under my finger or not I have seen a lot of videos.........everybody seems to be doing it so gracefully...... Any tips from an IM resident is greatly appreciated.
  6. Do you guys know where I can find sample MMI questions ?? Where are the ones from U of A ?
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