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  1. It's like driving Uber: you trade your car's equity for income. Only in this case, you trade your vertebrae for income
  2. Definitely not the right career choice if you're just looking for a 6 digit salary!
  3. Around 4000 per month (disclaimer, I had help with about 100k/400k) Anyone who decides to study in Australia, be prepared to delay your mortgage lol
  4. Definitely a trudge to chew through 400k but don't regret it yet luckily!
  5. In my first year of working experience: I have been working 3 part time associateships for about 9 months in the GTA. There are ups and downs in income from month to month, I am expecting around 120k gross first year out. Finding jobs seems quite competitive, my principle dentists mentioned they get around 80-150 apps for an associate position posted online. Ostracized estimate of 0-200k is super realistic
  6. The maximum you will get is 9-10k from OSAP (to be more specific, I'm pretty sure all of it is loan type money, none grant type money) I am currently receiving ~9.5k As for the 200k figures, these come from banks, and have quite a high interest rate.
  7. I took biostats a year ago with Bethany White: You need to keep on top of the homework (do all questions assigned in the textbook and anything done in lecture) - I read EVERYTHING assigned as well. If you have any problems, you need to tackle them right away, because the material tends to build up really fast. Don't memorize, always know why you're doing a particular analysis, and make sure you can apply it to any situation asked. Average for my year was 68%, I can honestly say I spent the most time of any subject on stats, and ended up with only 86%.
  8. I did a double major at UWO - Microbiology/Immunology and Pharmacology. Very little room for electives by doing the double major, but overall I enjoyed it. If you plan on applying to a MSc or PhD program, the research experience is valuable, but if you're only considering med school, I'm pretty sure it doesn't make a difference.
  9. I used the Kaplan blue book (2010 edition), and it seemed to cover everything for biology and chemistry. (I ignored the organic section and quantitative reasoning section because I was writing the CDAT). - I tried the online sample test, and it was helpful. The CDAT costs $210, and an additional $50 if you choose to take the manual dexterity test.
  10. I don't know why people always clump medicine and dentistry together as if it's almost the same. Sure they have a lot of overlap, but in the end, being a physician is a completely different career than being a dentist. If your heart is set on medicine, and it sounds like you've done plenty of shadowing, I don't believe you will be happy as a dentist. I'm not saying picking dentistry just because it's a "good job" when you really want to do medicine is the "wrong" or bad choice, but if you had the option to pick either, which would it be?
  11. The midterm was ok back when I took the course! For some reason, they made the final ridiculously hard, maybe the class average was too high after the midterm...
  12. I would recommend taking it during the summer if you can - these courses require a lot of hours studying if you want to make a 90%+ in the course. (Especially if the med school grade calculation only calculates full course load years, and you only need the 2213 and 2223 as pre-requesites) 2213A was a bit easier than 2223B, I managed to get 92% in 2213A, but only 76% in 2223B with the same amount of work (more mechanisms to memorize, more structures, etc...) I'm not sure who is teaching it currently, but Felix Lee was an excellent prof, and I would recommend him if you have the option. Good luck!
  13. First of all, congratulations for getting accepted into all those programs! Do some research on how each program works - maybe get in contact with some current students to see the pros/cons of each! Also take a look into living expenses, the city you live in, etc... 4 years is quite a long time to be in dental school, you should be comfortable with wherever you choose. Like Ostrasized mentioned, 170k is a huge amount of money... however, if money is not an issue for you, you might have more freedom in picking a program that could have a better match for your learning style. If you're taking on a line of credit however, I would definitely agree that picking UBC is a no brainer - I tried getting a line of credit with RBC, and at an interest rate at prime + 1.75%, you would be paying 900-1200 per month on interest alone by going to the US to study.
  14. I also used Cliff's AP Biology: On the actual DAT (Nov 2012) there were 2 questions on plants, one was about monocots/dicots, and the other was about parts of the plant (anther, style, etc...) I would say read it if you have time (might get you an extra point or two), but don't go crazy learning plant functions and parts.
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