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  1. Please see above for my responses. Hope they help. -GP
  2. I’m referring to competitiveness by first choice applicants. I understand that there are competitive locations for family medicine, but the interviews are quite different. Having said that, from what I’ve heard, if you’re prepared for a plastics/derm/etc interview, you’re prepared for a family interview. -GP
  3. No problem Dependent on the competitiveness. My experience was that many “classic questions” were not ask at competitive specialties, but were common for family med (etc.) For all locations I knew 1. why that location 2. how I liked it form a personal and professional standpoint 3. who I wanted to work with at that location In general I had stories (2) that could be related to each of the CanMED criteria. Some other classic questions were strengths/weaknesses, ethical dilemmas, what kind of animal would you be, what would you ask a CaRMS applicatant, etc I Googled a lot and just combined all of the interview questions I could. I was surprised that I had thought about a lot of my questions, or similar, before being asked them on the interview. Does that answer your question? -GP
  4. Currently a resident at a competitive program (#1 discipline in my year based off 1st choice ranks/# of spots; I say this not to brag but to demonstrate that I know what you’re going through). CaRMS is anything but fun, but maybe I can help dial down your anxiety. -GP .
  5. One problem with this stat is that it doesn't take everything into consideration. There were 92 derm apps last year. 61 people ranked it first. Likely, 30(ish) people did not get an interview. Only one person matched to derm as a third choice (no idea how). Internal had >900 applicants but only about 450 ranked it number one, but I bet that more than 450 got interviews. There is a stat missing to get the real answer. Also, French schools throw things for a loop. With >1/3 of the derm spots in QC the spots in other provinces are likely more competitive.
  6. Hey Forum, I figured I would start this thread to get an idea about how the new portal system works and if anyone has some tips. Here are some questions I currently can't find the answer to: 1. What I should include in my CV? (Everything I've done? Only pertinent things? How far back should I go? etc) 2. If I apply to programs on February 1st, will I have to pay all over again to apply two weeks later? (I am interested in some more competitive electives, but I am not sure if they continue to tier my application until there is a free spot, or if they require me to book electives weekly/bi-weekly) 3. Is it possible to do a one week elective in something? (If so, what?) Thanks to anyone who can offer some guidance. GP
  7. Good Morning 2019s, Or should I say, "first morning of the rest of your lives." Please use the link below to access the Facebook group for your class. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1439600486354620/ Congrats on your acceptance. -GP
  8. Honestly, just write the application as a part of the entire OMSAS system and see what happens. There is only one way to be sure that you won't be considered.... not applying. Best of luck in the upcoming cycle. -GP This is simply not the case and shouldn't be posted. The wGPA changes for every stream, every year. I agree that the GPA you have posted is in the area that cut-offs typically occur, but that is not a reason assume what the cut off will be next year.
  9. I think it's healthy to be really interested in meeting other people who have similar passions, but it will happen eventually. You're applying after 3 years and getting into a 7-9+ year commitment. Remember to relax and stop to look at the roses along the way. I find med students and premeds far to determined to make the most of every moment, looking behind every door, attempt to fulfill the request of every person who comes into their lives.... sometimes letting the moment make meaning for itself that makes you sane. If you get into the uOttawa 2019 class, awesome. If not, awesome, you'll be in the 2020 class. When the FB group starts up and you're getting into med all of your classmates will want to meet you too. For now, chill. Rant done -GP
  10. I have never seen this being an issue, but then again, how can I really tell? I can however see why this is the case. After now completing just about two years of my education I find myself speaking in french on a semi-regular occurrence... and I am in the english stream. I think it comes down to the "toss of a coin" approach. All things being equal means that this is the last thing to be considered and they have exhausted all other options. -GP
  11. Although it is near the CHEO (Children's Hospital), it is basically the connection between the CHEO and the General hospital (TOH). https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Roger+Guindon+Hall/@45.4024012,-75.6502461,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xcdc5141867f59d77 You can access it directly from the ring road that goes around the entire site. You're about a 10 minute drive from the Alta Vista campus (the RGN) if you're on Main Campus. GP
  12. Hey Everyone, Please use the URLs below to access the uOttawa admissions video created by the class of 2018, as well as a link for a former thread of mine regarding interview prep and insight. Best, GP Video: Insight: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/76272-interview-insight-and-well-wishes/
  13. Anyone have information on the escape trial results from uofCal that are supposed to come out wednesday morning? This is allegedly supposed to change the world of stroke medicine. Thanks, GP
  14. I'll refer you to this thread http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/76272-interview-insight-and-well-wishes/ Best. GP
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