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  1. That's exactly what I am referring to. It's a new requirement and I think a lot of applicants are going to realize a little too late that they missed those instructions.
  2. I was also surprised to see this huge jump. I think there is a misconception with Queen's admission GPA cut-off. Even though the cut-off is significantly lower than the other southern Ontario universities, grades seem to have a smaller significance in the admissions process. Personal statements and references are very important in the admissions process for Queens and I believe they rank applicants based on that information first before setting a GPA cut-off. I'm sure there will be a handful of applicants that will be rejected based on the applicant not following the instructions for the prerequisite courses.
  3. You should get an invitation for an interview with those marks. Doesn't hurt to start preping now
  4. It's already submitted so I recommend just letting it go for now. If for whatever reason you don't get into Queens and are looking to apply again the following year then you can either call or e-mail the decision committee and they will tell you the pros and cons of your application. Give it a couple of weeks after they make their decision before you e-mail/call them. They are the best resources for getting feedback.
  5. Applied: UofT, Western, Mac, Queens (All PT) Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: (cum and sub): Sub GPA: 3.79 / Cum GPA: 3.37 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have volunteered at 3 different PT clinics as a physiotherapists assistant, where I gained experience with conditions related to the musculoskeletal and neurological areas. I have 2 reference letters (1 Prof and 1 Physiotherapist). I took part in the MMI interview last year at McMaster and hope to improve from that.
  6. In the previous years, applicants for both OT and PT have posted a brief summary of their ORPAS application. This gives us an idea of the competition and allows us to get information for this years Sub-GPA and Cum-GPA cut-offs when the Universities have made their decision. As a community we can post immediate information when it becomes available to us. For those who want to participate, follow the template below to keep the information organized: Applied: Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: (cum and sub) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references:
  7. You should be able to view the status of your documents after a couple of business days of submitting your application
  8. Call the university to be certain. Last year I went to my bank and told them what I needed and they were able to provide me with money order. Although it shouldn't make a difference, I would recommend going to your bank and getting this done.
  9. Congratulations to all who have been accepted into their programs. I unfortuately didn't get into my program so I have decided I will be applying next year as well. I found some of the posts here inspirational in regards to not getting in and keeping your head up. This morning, like many others, has been a rough one for me (Being rejected and thinking about possible options while in this state of mind). This morning I re-applied for a non-degree status at YorkU. For those who didn't get in it's important to have mental toughness. The sooner you start on strenghten your profile the better chance you will be successful next year. Keep the information flying in if you have any advice or share your details of your application. All advice is greatly appreciated for next years applicants. Cheers
  10. Did anyone just recieve an email from mac and get the email retracted?
  11. I agree; I don't have as much experience as you but I did feel that I had "above expectations" type of experience. I thought Queens would favour those with experience and that would be reflected in our personal statements. One positive to take from this is applicants who posted on last years forums rarely got accepted into Queens and UofT/Mac/Western. Goodluck.
  12. I think everyone will be getting an email by 1230AM Tomorrow. There may be some delays due to the massive send-off but I am sure if you stay up tonight you will recieve an e-mail in the early hours of tomorrow morning. The wait is killing me. just over 14 hours until the earlist offers/rejections are known
  13. I also was rejected. I am shocked to see a rejection letter. I hope to be on the waitlist. My only hopes were Mac and Queens so now I am hoping to get in Mac. GLTA
  14. Yes it's going to be an emotional roller-coaster throughout the week. It's to my understanding that rejecting e-mails could be sent before Friday. I was looking at last years forum and that's what I discovered. But all remaining waitlist/rejection/acceptance e-mails will all be sent on Friday. Best of Luck
  15. Thank you, I hope you get into your top choices as well. The more options the better. Nearly 8 days away. I don't think I am going to be able to sleep that night.
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