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    bozo22 got a reaction from Monika Chao in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    TIME STAMP: 9:08am, May 12th 2015
    Interview Date: March 8th
    Result: Accepted (St. George)
    cGPA: ~3.78
    wGPA: ~3.92
    MCAT: 10/11/11
    ECs: lots of research (3 different labs, 1 pub in progress and a few poster presentations), a few long-term volunteer and club executive roles, guitar, some sports and international experiences.
    Essays: worked pretty hard on them and had them looked over by friends and family. Was quite happy with them in the end. Make sure you go through Canmeds.
    Interview: Was the least stressful and most enjoyable of all my interviews. Thought 3/4 went quite well, one was okay.
    Year: 1 year masters
    Feels amazing finally being accepted after 3 tries and a lot of hard work. I know it's cliche but if you really want this, don't give up and most importantly don't doubt yourself.
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    bozo22 got a reaction from RGK in How To Prepare For Traditional Personal Type Interview Questions?   
    It means they don't know anything about you/haven't read your ABS or C.V. prior to interviewing you and won't ask you specific questions on these. Essentially, the interviewers are blind to your previous experiences, GPA, MCAT etc. 
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    bozo22 got a reaction from Locke in Common Error Themes In Passages   
    Actually, for PS, I try NOT to focus too much on the nitty-gritty and try my best to extract what concept/s they are testing me in the passage. I skim the passage and highlight some key things (e.g. numbers, new concepts or laws given, etc.). I think the trick is to understand that a lot of the time a really dense experimental passage is used to try and confuse students and it is those who succeed in extracting pertinent information and understanding which PS concepts are being tested that score the highest. So in other words, read the passage carefully but don't worry if you don't understand everything since they may not even test you on that part of the passage and most of the questions can be answered without passage info. 
    Just try and remember that each question is testing you on something that you already know (a concept or combination thereof) or is in the passage (in these Q's are usually quite obvious), it just may not be immediately obvious to figure out. 
    Be careful of using this technique for BS though as most of the passages there require in-depth understanding--especially if they are experimental. 
    Also, take my advice with a grain of salt as I'm no PS expert but I usually score in the 11-12 range. 
    Maybe some other premeders can chime in on their techniques/strategies as well. 
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