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  1. supafield

    Kill the Radio: Suggestions for Listening Material

    Hmm, I let this thread die.... Mother Mother - Get Up : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCJKCOAckNw
  2. supafield

    Psychiatry Program Discussion

    I would think generally, inpatient is easier than outpatient to get access to patients. That said, a lot of outpatient is becoming more consult based and depending on the preceptor it may set up well. Still, inpatients don't have a significant amount of rapport already developed with a certain psychiatrist. With general adult, the turnover is usually a couple weeks and tests your general interview skills for depression and psychosis. If you get caught up in a more specialized program, over a short elective you may not get many new consults if any, or the topic area might be hard to access at your level of training. For me, Psych Emerge and Consult Liaison were also good opportunities to get my feet wet as they have lots of new assessments. Depending on the city/program, you may get buried in a team of several residents, or you may get to run the show. A little bit the luck of the draw. Generally if you're interested and speak up, most preceptors and residents will be quite supportive of a medical student interviewing and coming up with plans.
  3. supafield

    Psychiatry Program Discussion

    I'm glad you've gotten good responses! I don't know if I can add a tonne and very similarly only applied and did electives at Ontario programs. My ranking ended up: 1) Mac - KW 2) Mac 3) Toronto 4) Ottawa 5) Western The KW program came out of no where, as I only applied to it due to geographical location. I liked all the programs on that list each with pros and cons. Given that most of the other programs have been discussed I'll talk about where I ended up. The KW program had a lot of attractive features if you are interested in community psychiatry. It is a small residency program of only 2 a year, but serving a large population base relatively in KW/Cambridge/Guelph. The access to staff is fantastic and generally on a first name basis. Great group of residents that gets along very well. Access to some surprisingly specialized programs for a small community program through Homewood (Inpatient PTSD, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Integrated Mood and Anxiety) Call mirrors that of the Hamilton program, but is not overnight. (Until 11 pm) No post call days, but any day of the week I'd choose to maintain my sleep wake cycle. Of course, downsides as well. Being a satellite program and relatively new, there's always trailblazing to do and new scenarios to navigate for the first time, and the videoconferencing can be less than optimal at times which the program is working on. I also have 7-8 hospital badges already haha. As for the rest Mac - Hamilton - Pros - similar to my program in a more tertiary centre, Con - Their Psych Emerge is eternally quite hectic. Toronto - Amazing access to niche areas of psychiatry/surprisingly friendly vibe on interview day Cons - Lottery system, for me Toronto is more fun to visit than to live in. I enjoy having a backyard and a bbq. Ottawa - Good program, great city, did medical school here, in the end was just a little too far away from family. Western - Better than they get credit for, and glad they're getting lots of credit here. Con - Did undergrad at Western, and as my wife very aptly put it, returning to London years later was like being at the bar after the lights were turned on haha. Nice city with very affordable living, but it represented a different time for me. Hope that helps!
  4. Do you have a car? I would recommend going to the 3 Sister Bakeshop on Kilborn Ave (in a tiny little strip mall in a neighbourhood) and get one of the sandwiches... chicken and cranberry was soo good for $5 and pick up a crinkle cookie! It's about as close as anything to RGN but still would take 5 minutes to drive, about 30 minutes to walk. As far as mall fast food options in the area 1) Trainyards on industrial rd. (25 minute walk, 5 minute drive) - 5 Guys burger and fries - Mucho Burrito - Subway - Wendy's/Tim Hortons - Starbucks - McDonald's in the walmart - Local grocery store Farmboy has lot of good prepared food and sitting area to eat 2) The shopping centre at Smyth and St. Laurent (30 minute walk roughly) - Poutine, Pizza Pizza, Starbucks, Mr Sub, Extreme Pita (really good) 3) In the hospitals, there are 2 cafeterias, tim hortons, williams. And on alta vista - a subway/tim hortons, on St. Laurent almost all burger/fast food places. You'd have to go further to get to the interesting places downtown/Elgin/Glebe
  5. supafield

    Kill the Radio: Suggestions for Listening Material

    http://hypem.com/track/24sj8/SAINT+MOTEL+-+My+Type soooooo good Also love Portugal. The Man..... purple yellow red and blue is a goodie
  6. supafield

    Matching To Psych

    This is a good approach and very similar to the one I took. 3 weeks CL/shared care in Ottawa 2 weeks adult inpatient in London 3 weeks family med in Ottawa 2 weeks CL at McMaster and then I did 2 weeks post deadline of Psych Emerge at Toronto. I did not apply for family, but got all the psych interviews I applied to and matched to where I wanted to be. I do think Psych is getting slightly more competitive. Good lifestyle, good colleagues, mental health awareness is on the up and the ability set up shop/get academic appointments almost everywhere. However, it still isn't terribly competitive. If you do a few electives in it, have a decent application otherwise, and are somewhat likeable, you'll match within your top few choices 9 times out of 10. There's always the story of that one person who slid way down the list, but for now, that's much more the exception than the rule. Good luck!
  7. supafield

    Psychiatry Competitiveness?

    No, 4-6 is more than enough to do well as long as the rest your app is ok and you can have a decent interview.
  8. supafield

    Mccqe Part 2 Timing

    Ahh, good to know. Not that I'm afraid I'll lose all of medical knowledge, but figured following an emerge rotation, things would be pretty fresh. It would also be nice to have it done earlier, but looks like it'll be next fall.
  9. Hi Everyone, Tried to do a little digging but couldn't find what I was looking for. I know the traditional time to write the Part 2 is in fall of PGY2. I was wondering if people considered writing it outside of that time frame or if you're allowed? I would be tempted to take it in the Spring of PGY1 as I'll just have come off a few general based rotations. I have a feeling I would be more rusty in PGY2 after being back to Psychiatry for 5+ months. Seems like a good idea, but maybe there is something simple I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. supafield

    LMCC score = 483

    oops apologies
  11. supafield

    LMCC score = 483

    Take a look at this. http://allpsych.com/researchmethods/images/normalcurve.gif
  12. supafield

    Trends in OMA Cellphone Plans

    Yah... got in this winter... $55 for 5 GB of data and unlimited canada wide calling... See how long I can keep that going after the contract is up lol.
  13. supafield

    LMCC score = 483

    Generally the mean is set close to 500... and 100 pts in either direction is a standard deviation away from the mean. At least, that is how I understood it.
  14. Not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but the last match result statistics are up on their site. Always an interesting read. https://www.carms.ca/en/r-1-match-reports-2014
  15. supafield

    Selling Lots of Old Textbooks

    Tentatively sold!