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  1. iceroll

    Oma Cellphone Plan

    Seems like a better plan then, Rogers is supposed to have better coverage/service than Telus too right?
  2. iceroll

    Oma Cellphone Plan

    Is it the same as this plan then?
  3. iceroll

    Oma Cellphone Plan

    Isn't the OMA plan with Telus? I checked their website and I couldn't find a Rogers plan.
  4. Which US schools are these, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Not SWOMEN that's why I'm asking
  6. VR never changes right? I don't want to waste $100 so I don't know if I should apply.
  7. If you actually want to live and work in the US though, isn't it better to go to med school in the US?
  8. Thanks, I am about to apply to some US schools next month and reading about that really gave me a shock! My goal is ultimately to end up practicing in the US. I haven't really looked into the visa stuff yet since that's so far away for me, do most schools just arrange that for you?
  9. Actually about the residencies, I heard on SDN that it's challenging for Canadians or other non-US citizens to get residencies in the US. Specifically this post: Do you have any perspective on that, about how difficult it is to actually work in the US even after going to a US med school?
  10. I'm selling the full set of Princeton Review MCAT books, all 2012 edition including: Hyperlearning Verbal Hyperlearning In-Class Compedium Hyperlearning Science Workbook Science Review Questions and Solutions Organic Chemistry Review General Chemistry Review Physics and Math Review Biology Review Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review All for $225
  11. I want to apply to US medical schools like Stanford, Hopkins, Duke etc. and my score was: PS: 14 BS: 14 VR: 10 Does the 10 in VR hinder my chances a lot? Should I retake?