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  1. This is literally the worst example. If you watched the Winter Olympics recently you would have heard about this story: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/4035507/how-a-skier-who-can-hardly-jump-made-it-to-the-olympic-halfpipe/amp/ There is always an alternative way to achieve your goal. I am quite concerned about your ability to demonstrate empathy. Medical school admissions are not black and white. Having been on the interview committees for medical school selection on a few occasions, I can assure you that there is a greater portion of luck involved in the whole process than you may think. There is generally a handful of amazing applicants that are easy to identify, a handful of terrible applicants and the rest fall into the middle where how you rank them would most likely vary significantly from interviewer to interviewer. The fact you are so sure that you will be accepted into a Canadian Medical School before even applying is a little concerning. My only suggestion for you is to try and develop more tolerance and humility before interviews come around. Also, please keep in mind that if you get into medical school, many of your staff will be IMG’s. If you come into interactions with them with this mindset, you will burn a lot of bridges. Finally, if you do get into medical school, you will soon realize that medicine is not as prestigious as you may think it is.
  2. I understand most of your logic however I would caution against rejecting an acceptance to wait out for another school. Your chance of matching to UBC for residency is higher if you go to Medical School at UBC. However, you can never be sure you will eventually be accepted to UBC. You should accept any medical school you are accepted at and figure out the details later. Keep in mind if you reject your acceptance and never get accepted again then your chance of doing residency in BC is 0%.
  3. I think you are thinking way too far ahead. Based on the other thread you started with UBC vs McGill for medical school. First step for you is to complete your application, submit and wait for interviews. Then your focus should be to kill the interviews. Finally, if you get multiple admissions, then you can start considering the pro's and con's of each school. Aside from having an idea of where you want to ultimately practice, you should not be focusing on residency until you are in medical school
  4. 27 yo is slightly above average for entering medical students in most schools in Canada ( My class average age was 24). That being said, I have numerous friends who were older than you and have gone on to match to 5 year specialties. I wouldn't constrain yourself too much because of age. Realistically, 3 years vs 4 years will end up being a small difference if you end up doing anything longer than family medicine.
  5. There is no discrimination based on the fact you have gone to a 3 year school. For the most part, I have not met a single preceptor who particularly cares where I completed medical school. That being said, you are at a disadvantage in terms of matching to a competitive specialty if you are in a 3 year program for the following reasons: 1. Must decide very early if you want to do something competitive. For the most part, in 4 year schools you should have decided you want to do a competitive specialty within the first 1.5years. In a 3 year program, you must decide even earlier. 2. No summers to do research. 3. Less Pre-Carms elective time. The two 3 year programs have subpar elective placements. Calgary's clerkship for example is front loaded with electives. This means that you are on electives trying to impress and make connections while learning how to be a good clerk. Not ideal. Every year, people from Calgary and Mac match to very competitive fields. It can be done, it just adds a layer of challenge and complexity when compared to 4 year programs. One possibility is to omit the match after 3rd year and do a research fellowship + electives for an extra year to make yourself more competitive. I have met people who have successfully matched from 3 year programs to competitive specialties using this strategy.
  6. Aetherus

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Interesting rebuttal to a previous Ottawa Citizen article by Dr. John Stewart. https://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/columnists/padmos-saudi-medical-trainees-arent-taking-training-spots-from-canadian Apparently the deadline for Saudi Residents to leave the country has been moved to September 22nd: https://globalnews.ca/news/4400538/saudi-medical-students/
  7. Everyone likes a story and having a flavour to your EC’s is not a bad thing. I’m not sure how you would go about linking all your EC’s together especially for OMSAS. I think it’s better to look at each activity as an individual entity and let the agglomeration of your EC’s paint a picture of who you are. You will have time for story telling in the interview. The essential of each description in your ABS is to speak to what you learned through the activity (CANMEDS) and what you have accomplished.
  8. I don’t think this change is unreasonable. Having reviewed files in the past, many candidates will have very redundant entries as they feel obliged to fill up the 48 entries. People will split Duplicate items into multiple entries for each year they completed that activity or received the award. I don’t need to see that you were on the Dean’s honour roll in 4 entries, combine them into 1 and put the years in the title or dates etc. This will force people to consolidate their activities into stronger entries. I also highly doubt anyone has 48 unrelated entries that they cannot combine. For example, if you were an athlete and competed at a high level, you could enumerate the competitions in the title or put them in the description, instead of having every competition separate + an entry about your sport etc. I think adcoms will still easily be able to discriminate between people who have amazing life experience and people with less based on the quality of the application. With respect to the comment about everyone getting a perfect ABS score, I believe that to be very far from the truth in my experience. Schools could just change the rubric on how they evaluate the sketch without needing to changing the length.
  9. Aetherus

    Tattoo perception?!??!?!?!?!

    It seems like your tattoos are easy to cover in a dress shirt, which is what you will be wearing to the interview but also for most interactions with patients in a clinical setting. The only time you would be wearing short sleeves would be in scrubs, but you could easily pop a white coat overtop to hide the tattoos if you had any concerns. Most preceptors won’t mind and many of them will also have tattoos.
  10. Theoretically you are allowed to rank every program you have applied to. In reality, people will rank programs they have interviewed at before the ones they did not interview at. To answer your question, it depends on the applicant, however generally, it is assumed that if an applicant does not receive interviews for what was their first choice specialty, they will rank the other specialty they applied to. Essentially the ranklist is submitted after interviews and therefore influenced by which interview the applicants receives.
  11. Here are the stats for Queen’s this year, reposting the same graphs from another thread.
  12. Aetherus

    Will this affect OSAP?

  13. OSAP will give you around 13-16k assuming that your parents income no longer factors into the calculation. Everything over 8k will be given as grants or debt forgiveness. In 3rd year at some schools, you are considered to be a student for the whole year (12months instead of 8months) and therefore you will receive more OSAP (approx 23k). Because it's a longer study period, everything over 10k will be given as grants.
  14. Aetherus

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    4 years ago, someone got off the waitlist during O-week. Although the chances get progressively slimmer as the summer goes on, until you get the rejection you are still in the running. Remain hopeful but try to move on and assume you didn’t get in. That way you aren’t as shook if things don’t work out.
  15. Aetherus

    Queens or UofT MAM

    I'm very curious as to why you favour UofT so heavily if you did not complete medical school there. I'm also wondering why you are weighing in on the discussion if you are neither a UofT medical student nor a Queen's medical student. This thread is suppose to be a helpful discussion of the experience of medical students from both institutions in order to help OP make an informed decision. If you would like to share your experience with UofT Medical School and from what perspective you experienced this, maybe we could have a thoughtful discussion that can help OP make a choice.