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  1. Aetherus


    First of all, Quebec city is not close to Ottawa (4.5hr drive). Ottawa is an ok city and has some nice things to do (I did undergrad there), but as a city, I love Kingston way more. Queen’s and the surrounding area is awesome and you are close to so many bodies of water. Kingston is also 2hr away from Ottawa, Toronto and 3h away from Montreal. You are also 45 minutes away from the states. In terms of sub-specialty, there is more to offer in Ottawa, but I would argue that is unimportant as a medical student. Something that is unique to Queen’s that I don’t think is emphasized enough is that every clinician is on a alternative funding model and are salaried. What this means as a learner is that their salary is not affected by letting you take the time to go through a full history/physical and also allows them time to teach around the case which isn’t always as prevalent at other academic centres.
  2. Aetherus

    UAlberta vs UofT vs Queen's

    You can’t find such detailed match results unless you have someone on the inside compile it, which is what I did for 2018 at Queen’s.
  3. Aetherus

    UAlberta vs UofT vs Queen's

    I have attached the stats for Queens from 2018 (my year). I would say that Queen’s prepares its students the best to excel in clerkship. Feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions.
  4. Aetherus

    McGill and Calgary First Iteration?

    There is a significant amount of fluctuation from year to year. However, there are certain schools that consistently have some of the best matches and others that consistenly have worse than average match rates. Generally speaking, I would say that larger schools have slightly worse match rates which I attribute to it being easier to fall through the cracks/have a poor match strategy. Smaller schools generally have a slightly higher match rate for probably the same reason. Quebec schools generally have a slightly worse match rate but they have a unique situation where most applicants onyl apply to the Quebec Schools. To truly get a sense of if a school consistently does better, you would have to sift throught the data for the last ten years and plot a 10 year trend. Another consideration is that the competitiveness and match strategies of the class will significantly affect the match rate.
  5. Aetherus


    Did you use the 2019 or 2018 data. I don’t think the 2019 data is completely out. If you used the 2018 data, Ophtho was very competitive in Quebec last year which was an outlier.
  6. Aetherus


    Another consideration is the number of spots in Quebec for the two specialties. Ophthalmology: Quebec: 13 Rest of Canada: 25 Plastic Surgery Quebec: 5 Rest of Canada: 20 Quebec is very different than the rest of Canada and most applicants will be unable to apply to those spots. We don’t have actual data yet for this match, but it is possible that the Quebec schools have a better ratio in spots per applicants and this raises the average more so for Ophthalmology than Plastic Surgery. It would be interesting to see a comparison of competitiveness when the Quebec spots are removed from the analysis. I think the gap in competitiveness would be decrease slightly. That being said, I agree with many of the previous posters. Plastic Surgery is definetely more competitive than Ophthalmology, but you are comparing two specialties that are consistently top 3 or 4 in competitiveness.
  7. Aetherus

    CaRMS School Match Rate

    I think what Snowmen is trying to say is that the Match Strategy in Quebec are quite different then the rest of Canada. It is not uncommon for an applicant to go for Plastics and Ophtho and match to one of them while having split their electives.
  8. Aetherus

    CaRMS School Match Rate

    Thank you! It would also be nice if CaRMS could publish data that had Quebec and the rest of Canada separate. The reality of the Quebec match is very different than the rest of Canada and combining the data together obscurs the reality of the match for both Quebec Grads and the rest of Canada.
  9. Aetherus

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Queen’s also does not have room for two clerkship classes at the same time but they have it set up in a way that you have 6 weeks of electives in 3rd year that you do after doing 3X 6week blocks. So by that time you are 4.5 months into clerkship. It coincides with the 4th year doing their post CaRMS block 8 core rotation. Not having enough room for two classes is definitely not an excuse for sending your clerks on elective right off the bat.
  10. Aetherus

    Awards and Scholorships

    Just to play devils advocate having been on the other side of the process as a file reviewer. I think for the most part, schools look at each section of the ABS and weighed them equally. I would disagree that scholarships and awards are negligible in the application process. School want to see people who excel at what they do and I think scholarship and awards is a good way to demonstrate that. Going back to your question, I don’t think not having many awards will sink you but I do think they are an important component of your application.
  11. Aetherus

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Can you provide the link to this table. Couldn’t find it on the website.
  12. Aetherus

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    I don’t know if board exams would fix anything. Sure it would add objective measurement, but I doubt that the board exam would necessarily correlate with how good a clinician you are.
  13. Aetherus

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Sure, it is a superficial merrit base system. However, it is a system based on no objective comparison standards. Also the connection you speak of can reflect effort but can also be a reflection of nepotism. How do you compete with an applicant who’s parent is the program director?
  14. Aetherus

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    You do realize that elective procedures for orthopaedics and ophthalmology are capped. There is a certain alloted number of procedures per Center. This is created so that the government can keep cost down and move it to the next fiscal year. The orthopods or ophthalmologist would gladly do way more procedures which would result in shorter wait times.
  15. Aetherus

    Ranking Without Interview

    That isn’t true. Other candidates may have ranked it highly but matched to choices they ranked even higher. There is no downside to doing this. Even if it increases your chances by a fraction of a percent, it’s still worth it.