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  1. 87% I think? Sask doesn't care about GPA if you're OOP. It's a cutoff, then it's purely competitive on MCAT total score
  2. I was waitlisted for an interview with a 521 (129 CARS), and then got in after getting the interview.
  3. 1) That's entirely false. In fact, if you're Out-of-Province, you have to sign a form indicating that you *won't* work in Quebec. More specifically, it states that if you work in Quebec, they can place you wherever the need is greatest, and you pay a penalty if you're adamant about working in a given location. However, you're free to go anywhere else in the world and work without issues. As well, tuition in QC is cheaper, so it actually ends up being better for the student provided they don't want to work in a specific place, like Montreal. 2) Yeah, they do really recommend being bilingual. However, I know many, many students who aren't even close to being bilingual. Being able to interact, understand written and spoken French to a basic level is probably ideal. But it's not an official requirement.
  4. Pour moi, j'ai travaillé à temps partielle durant cet été. Pour moi, l'argent m'aider avec les frais d'école, mais pour la plupart j'ai travaillé seulement parce que j'ai eu temps libre après mon internship. La chose plus important est planifier pour ton futur en medecin (et l'internat). Si vous pouvez travaillez sans compromettre tes buts grands, je crois qu'un job peut-etre un bon idée.
  5. Some/most dress casually, but I think in general med students dress better than most. Probably the whole perfectionist personality seeping into their fashion choices. You can see that some people are basically wearing their LOC
  6. I think it would be useful, because it shows you're a good applicant. In a way, you can show CaRMS residencies that you're qualified. On the other hand, it could hint to them that you'd rather go to the US. It's one of the reasons I'm still considering the USMLE.
  7. Great questions. I don't think the residency matters. What matters is that you've signed the contract, and then if you decide to practice in Quebec (at any time in your life it seems, or until that contract is deemed void by another, new law) you are required to practice for 5 years in whatever region they specify. It's largely avoidable by simply... not practicing in Quebec. I took the deal and go to a QC school as an OOP. My tuition is basically halved (if not more), and the only stipulation is not practicing in Quebec. Seems easy enough. Furthermore, a friend of mine (who's from PEI and OOP through some PEI-QC agreement) told me that the CEQ can actually be used as a backup way to get a job if necessary. If you're really out of luck in a tough specialty, they could help to line you up a position (albeit far out in the middle of Quebec). That could be useful as well.
  8. Congratulations! I'm sure you had a stellar application
  9. Probably not. Morning the day they mentioned for sure. Check Minerva at 8 am or 9 am
  10. I fluctuate between starving and too busy to notice I'm starving. On occasion I eat something super quick (eggs and toast). It's a sad life. I miss my mom.
  11. While I completely agree with this sentiment (sometimes I look at my first Premed post, and think about how I ended up getting into 7 Canadian schools) - sometimes I think that med school may just genuinely be too tough for some people. Undergrad was comparatively easy imo, and I went to a "hard" university. I'm about to write an exam tomorrow, and idk if I'll pass. I feel kind of on the fence, and could see it going either way. For this reason, I'm not always sure that *everyone* can make it, or if they should. There's so much more to life than this. I keep telling my peers that as well. In the words of Tyler Durden - "you are not your job."
  12. Yeah! Check - I got caught off guard last year. Check whether you wrote "Both" for official languages on OMSAS. If you did, they expect you to be able to speak French or at least explain (preferably in French) why you put it down.
  13. @la marzocco What do you think this is going to do for OOP students? They can't cut tuition prices outside of Ontario but definitely can cut our funding
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