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  1. canada747

    Free casper practice?

    Was curious and checked it out - the practice test seems way more realistic than the MockCasper tests I did last year. Both are text-based but I don't think that matters much. Looks good to me! Hope that helps.
  2. canada747

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Is it possible then that the government will replace these residency spots with spots for Canadians? Since we need the residents. I realize it's a funding issue since Saudi Arabia sponsored those residencies that they're taking back.
  3. Hahahahaha, debt is precisely that. Putting off spending until later, with accrued interest. I'm pretty debt-averse, and the entire Premed101 forums roasted me after I asked a similar question but about approx. 30K debt. I'm a little concerned about debt for a few reasons. First, with CaRMS matching getting tougher, the odds of getting a residency are getting slimmer (obviously not by a huge amount, but it's still a risk). Secondly, interest rates will increase. It's inevitable. Thirdly, I have no real conception of big money (I have no idea how >$100K salary will be like lol) so I don't want to assume anything. The goal for me will be to finish my degree without tacking on too much debt, and then paying off as much as I can during residency. I understand the whole "don't starve yourself during residency" thing, but idk. I can probably live like a student for another year or two and finish off my debt. Maybe I'll get a roommate, who knows.
  4. canada747

    My chances for Queen's?

    No, literally 0%. Apply. I had a worse GPA, but a good MCAT and ECs and got in (despite feeling like I bombed the interview). You've got a good shot. Aim for a 129+ in CARS to be safe, and you should get an interview!
  5. He or she said "a" scholarship. Also, the website now says that the Class of 1985 Scholarship winner will be contacted in August!
  6. Interesting. Can you or someone else share some links to this sort of discussion?
  7. Anyone hear anything back about this or other awards yet?
  8. canada747

    In-Class Scholarships

    Can anyone comment on the number and or value of the various in-class scholarships/awards?
  9. Hi! I've been wondering about matching to US residencies. From what I understand, it comes with two risks: 1) if you match to a Canadian residency, you'll automatically be required to go there and 2) if you take an American residency, you might be at a disadvantage in terms of practicing in Canada? Are both of those presumptions true? How does the ERAS match fit in with CaRMS? Would picking a US specialty as a top choice make me more likely to go unmatched (assuming the US residency is competitive, and I've reduced my chances at Canadian residencies due to my gamble at US residencies). Am I correct at all? I'm an incoming M1, I really have no idea how most of these things work unfortunately.
  10. canada747

    Let's Discuss Finances

    Man I feel this. This is what I'm feeling exactly. It's going to be weird again to be super-frugal, but I guess it's the way to go.
  11. canada747

    Worried About Debt

    Hey man, I'm sorry - that wasn't the intention. Really not a humblebrag - that's not like me. I'm just kind of becoming more risk averse. I'm also wondering if I should let myself travel etc. during med school. Really just trying to figure everything out, not trying to bother or offend anyone. Realistically, I don't come from a lot of money, so I'm unsure of what a staff lifestyle will be like. I can't even comprehend the amount of money that's discussed. To me, 30K is a lot. To me in the future, it might not be. I appreciate you all reminding me that I've got it good - I'm really not trying to brag or anything of the sort.
  12. canada747

    Worried About Debt

    Hahahahaha fair. That's the other thing I'm starting to get concerned about - can I last through 2-5 years of a residency (if I even match?) It'll be stressful for sure it seems.
  13. canada747

    Worried About Debt

    Living in Toronto you can find some cheaper apartments (ie with roommates) for around 800-900. Might do that during my first year of residency, idc
  14. canada747

    Worried About Debt

    Hmm, that's true. I guess I just hate the idea of debt. I'm going to try to live relatively frugally through med as well, to keep this debt down. I'm lucky I know - I get to rely on OSAP loans as opposed to LOC loans to begin with, but still. Don't want to accumulate unnecessary debt.