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  1. canada747

    LOC proof of enrollment

    I've heard the acceptance letter is enough
  2. Congratulations! I'm sure you had a stellar application
  3. Probably not. Morning the day they mentioned for sure. Check Minerva at 8 am or 9 am
  4. canada747

    Preparing meals in med school

    I fluctuate between starving and too busy to notice I'm starving. On occasion I eat something super quick (eggs and toast). It's a sad life. I miss my mom.
  5. While I completely agree with this sentiment (sometimes I look at my first Premed post, and think about how I ended up getting into 7 Canadian schools) - sometimes I think that med school may just genuinely be too tough for some people. Undergrad was comparatively easy imo, and I went to a "hard" university. I'm about to write an exam tomorrow, and idk if I'll pass. I feel kind of on the fence, and could see it going either way. For this reason, I'm not always sure that *everyone* can make it, or if they should. There's so much more to life than this. I keep telling my peers that as well. In the words of Tyler Durden - "you are not your job."
  6. canada747

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Yeah! Check - I got caught off guard last year. Check whether you wrote "Both" for official languages on OMSAS. If you did, they expect you to be able to speak French or at least explain (preferably in French) why you put it down.
  7. canada747

    Academic Explanation Question

    go study for this week's exam lol
  8. canada747

    OSAP CHANGES FOR 2019-2020

    @la marzocco What do you think this is going to do for OOP students? They can't cut tuition prices outside of Ontario but definitely can cut our funding
  9. @uhoh99 What electives did you take? Did you do all electives in the specialty you wanted, and no FM electives? Is that how it seemed like you were "backing up" with FM?
  10. Just wanted to link the FB group we put together for last year! There are approx. 100 members (I think), who can coordinate practice sessions around Toronto and the GTA. Good luck!
  11. This user is who gave me hope with a lower GPA to kill CARS and CASPer and get in. It worked for me, and I'm glad they posted so honestly.
  12. canada747


    Do you have a grade breakdown? If it's 2 years of 2.0 and then 2 years of 4.0, you'd be a 4.0 applicant at Queen's and Western. It's not as clear cut as you'd think!
  13. Is there a Mac CARS cutoff? Either way it was based off of the work from a Premed101 user called organomegaly who did the stats (roughly) for it a few years back. Either way, obviously not perfect. Even with a "90%" chance, you could still not get an interview. Just a guess of course, but it does show you how the balance of CASPer works into it all
  14. Play around with this calculator!
  15. I got in with a 129 CARS and a 3.80 cGPA (as in province though). CASPer is so much more important than people think.