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  1. Just wanted to link the FB group we put together for last year! There are approx. 100 members (I think), who can coordinate practice sessions around Toronto and the GTA. Good luck!
  2. This user is who gave me hope with a lower GPA to kill CARS and CASPer and get in. It worked for me, and I'm glad they posted so honestly.
  3. canada747


    Do you have a grade breakdown? If it's 2 years of 2.0 and then 2 years of 4.0, you'd be a 4.0 applicant at Queen's and Western. It's not as clear cut as you'd think!
  4. Is there a Mac CARS cutoff? Either way it was based off of the work from a Premed101 user called organomegaly who did the stats (roughly) for it a few years back. Either way, obviously not perfect. Even with a "90%" chance, you could still not get an interview. Just a guess of course, but it does show you how the balance of CASPer works into it all
  5. Play around with this calculator!
  6. I got in with a 129 CARS and a 3.80 cGPA (as in province though). CASPer is so much more important than people think.
  7. We obviously can't answer this for you. The goal is to look as clean and professional as possible for the interview. If they look professional, then fine. If you have to question it (and it messes with your interview confidence) then it's a definite no. You've got plenty of time after you interview to do whatever you'd like. Play it safe and wait it out!
  8. 1st year med specifically, but okay - my mistake. All opinions are appreciated. Also, I figure they've used some trial and error if they did use this process and might know what's useful.
  9. I want to begin studying at home and skipping lectures. My university (I'm first-year med) posts the lecture recordings online, so I can review the videos the next day at a faster speed and take more detailed notes I think. How do you take notes when doing so? I've got a hotkey to pause when I miss something, but was wondering if you take notes on the PDF or elsewhere. Do you make flashcards simultaneously? I just need to find a more efficient way to study the material than listening (and missing the profs' details). Looking for advice from the Premed101 heavy-hitters, @Bambi @rmorelan @Vendar
  10. canada747

    Should I apply to McGill?

    Hey! That was basically me. I didn't think I'd get in, but did. Focus on CASPer, and apply. I do admit that my MCAT was very good, but it's only looked at post-interview. So, you can definitely make up for a lower GPA with a good CV and CASPer, but it will be a bit harder. Hit me up if you want advice on either.
  11. canada747

    McGill vs UBC

    I disagree with this, and think this is just bad advice. There's no significant home school residency advantage, and both McGill and UBC are equally great. It's quite a heuristic for a very complicated decision
  12. Last year it was 3.85. Got an interview with a 3.89 wGPA. Don't slack on CASPer.
  13. Had a 521 last year and a lower GPA, didn't get an interview. I think my Manitoba GPA was a 4.22 on their 4.5 scale (converted from Ontario scales)
  14. How many class hours do you have? At McGill, we have about 3 hours of lecture a day, and then 3 hours of small groups a day. That totals to 6 hrs/day and 30 hrs/week. Is this normal?
  15. canada747

    OOP; worth it/chances?

    Absolutely! I didn't think I'd get in OOP - but I did, and with a lower GPA than yours. Just apply.