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  1. About 20 of the upper year students are members of the FB group
  2. I did a fourth year project with in pathtox, and it was actually my first lab research experience. like it was previously stated doing a thesis course is completely different than other classes it's a lot more independent work, literature reading and I would say it requires more critical thinking skills then regular classes. I would definitely recommend you consider doing a thesis, it's great experience, you get an opportunity to interact with a faculty member and it's really not that difficult or stressful and everyone ends up doing well ( and in pathtox you can def get 90s or above that's no problem) Also if you're thinking about Pathtox, the course coordinator for the program, Dr. Khan is an awesome person, he's very resourceful and super chill. He's also on the research committee in the department, so if you were to apply for a master program in pathology he will definitely back you up. Hope this helps, and feel free to PM me if you need more information about the pathtox program.
  3. I think it is absolutely doable.. I remember not being sure whether I wanted to do a thesis project but having gone through it now, pathtox 4980E was definitely my favourite course of undergrad. because it's a small module, you get to know people in your seminar class . Also Dr. Khan ( the course coordinator) is absolutely helpful and very resourceful ( take advantage of that even if he is not your supervisor next year) The course itself wasn't too heavy either. we had 3 presentation, two reports and a research day, other than that you just do lab work. first semester you only do about 25% of the work, second semester gets a little busy but you'll only have 10-15 hours of class so you will have time to finish your project. As for the other pathology courses. I'll admit I was confused a bit when we started path4200 ( which we didn't have to take) simply because I wasn't used to having articles as reference (no books), but I ended up liking it a lot better after the midterm.4400/4500 both had study guides and the material wasn't too heavy, it was just hard finding motivation to study being so close to finishing undergrad. For pointer... I would try to take easy electives ( for example I took health law and immunology... thought they were interesting and didn't require a lot of studying). I would also have 5 courses in first semester and 4 in second since it second semester is when you usually do most of the work on your thesis. if I remember something I'll let you know. Otherwise feel free to ask ( msg) me if you have any more questions regarding the pathology program, or courses
  4. The 4200 was offered for the first time last year so there might be some changes in it this year. I didn't think it was too bad, but there was no study guide and we were assigned published articles to read. so if you didn't understand lecture materials you had to go back to the articles and read them 4400: class was boring .Also our midterm was quite hard for some reason (not what the previous class said about their exams) but the final was a lot easier and we had an assignment to write which also helped with the averages. 4500:forensic pathology was definitely interesting (with some dry lectures though). Exam wise it's a little challenging, the multiple choice/matching questions were always confusing and very detailed. Short answer questions were too bad tho. If you are looking for a mark booster I wouldn't take it, or take it and plan on giving it a fair bit of time because material doesn't seem too hard until you go and write the exam. Hope that's helped. Please let me know if you has more questions. Are you in the pathology module?
  5. Did you just go to the admission office and handed it? Did you have to make an appointment before?
  6. Sorry, a bit late posting this TIME STAMP: 11:36pm, Tuesday June 3 Result: acceptance to Windsor campus- off normal waitlist (Already accepted the offer) GPA: ~3.92 MCAT: PS- 12 VR- 12 BS- 9 ECs: Work at a medical clinic, volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society,a lot of work with children and some clinical research with 2 abstracts and 1 publication. Year: finished UG Interview: didn't think it went that great. Didn't screw up majority but felt that my panel wasn't responding too well to my answers. Good luck to all who are still on the wait list. Stay hopeful!
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