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  1. I was wondering if students at mcgill med are split into different groups and have to take classes at different places. If this is the case, do you get to choose where you want to go? Are different sites considered better than others? During 3rd and 4th year, do you get to choose where you want to do your rotations? I was reading some of the information on the probation letter and Gatineau Campus kept on coming up. Is it mandatory to do rotations there?
  2. Congrats on the invite!!! So just to be clear you are a IP university level right?
  3. So do university level in province, NTP in province and CEGEP (which all fit under MED-P right?) have different wait lists, or do they all compete under the IP category?
  4. I'm guessing the wait list isn't moving until the interviews in April are done? They must also have some IP seats open for the april interviewees right?
  5. I'm just wondering because typically in western canada, invites get sent out on may 15th. Do all quebec schools send them out this week? I'm curious because i'm sure the wait list will begin to move when students get invites from the other quebec schools
  6. They make a program that cancels everyone's application instead.
  7. does mcgill hold any official mock mmi or anything
  8. I'm interested as well. Let me know if you need another person
  9. anyone freaking out right now? Rejection notices sent over minerva already. I don't want to check until i hear some good news from people
  10. so any groups forming for the new semester? I have a lot more free time this semester.
  11. One step at a time man Dang you guys must have killed the interview.
  12. Is it a blessing if everyone gets the same conversion lol
  13. Interested as well. PM me please
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