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  1. Every school in Canada, except Ottawa, accepts online classes as long as you satisfy their specific criteria. Best to call them directly or if you have specific questions I can answer.
  2. 3 courses in each semester × 4 semesters (Between September to April) for Queen's.
  3. Frederick Sanger

    Looking for a MPI Coach

    I have been running a group in Toronto and have some 300+ hours of practice giving feedback to 100+ people. If you like, send me a message. I'm happy to coach.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am leading a large group of weekly med interview practice sessions. If you are interested to join, you can join the group linked below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/members/
  5. Hi Everyone, I am leading a large group of weekly med interview practice sessions. If you are interested to join, you can join the group linked below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/members/
  6. Frederick Sanger

    Have any rejections been sent out?

    You're right. The wait is painful. I had a nightmare last night regarding UofT.
  7. Frederick Sanger

    Have any rejections been sent out?

    Some friend who is studying med in Toronto told me. I don't see why they would lie.
  8. Frederick Sanger

    Have any rejections been sent out?

    I think people who didn't meet the initial cut-off were already rejected.
  9. Frederick Sanger

    Interview invite with wGPA of 3.83 possible?

    The cutoff is 3.6 not 3.8 as well as 125 on each mcat station. Everything will come into play when making a decision. Not just your GPA.
  10. It does happen at times, however, after talking to a current UofT MD/PhD student, I was told that there is most likely another wave coming this Thursday or Friday. Stay hopeful!
  11. Frederick Sanger

    MD/PhD Interview Invites Question

    Does this mean all the MD/PhD invites are already sent out?
  12. Hi everyone. I have made a group for interview preparation. We focus on the MMI and the MPI format, so I thought that people that have received invites can benefit from it. You can find the link to join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/
  13. Frederick Sanger

    Second Degree and GPA

    Bump. I'm interested in an answer too!
  14. Frederick Sanger

    Interview Preparation

    A Facebook group already exists; If you are interested, you are more than welcome to join. Follow the link here https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/
  15. Hi everyone! For those of you who have applied to U of T's MD or MD/Ph.D. program, or any other OMSAS schools for that matter, I have decided to create an MMI group where we can coordinate meeting up and practicing for the interviews that are scheduled in February. Feel free to join the FB group and as time progresses we will be holding weekly sessions. Links can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/
  16. Frederick Sanger

    MMI prep course?

    I would advise against using companies. They craft everyone into generic formulas and it will make the personal characteristics very difficult to come out. I suggest that you practice regularly wherever you are situated with a group of friends, record your sessions and critique each response. This will allow you to gather your thoughts and with the input of others, create a master-answer which encompasses all aspects of professionalism and ethics. If you are located at Toronto, feel free to join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/
  17. Hi everyone: I have made the FB group as promised and will be coordinating tentative interview dates that shall be flexible for all of us starting in just a few days. Please let your friends who are also prospective applicants to join the group as well since the more people we have the better it will be in our preparation. Please note that for those that have also applied to other schools, especially ones in OMSAS, you are free to join in as the formats are all nearly the same. Exception being U of T which is a modified MMI format. The link to the group can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/ Cheers.
  18. Frederick Sanger

    Early MMI Practice in Toronto

    Sorry for the delay everyone! With the new year coming up, I was running behind, but here is the group. Feel free to add yourself to it and we will begin meeting up after Christmas. Please request to join the group and I will manually add each member. Once we have a reasonable number of people I will also coordinate a WhatsApp group as well. Cheers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/
  19. Hi prospective applicants/future colleagues! Are any of you interested in doing some early MMI prep over the weekends and form a group before the interview results come out in December? If so, please send me a message and we can organize a group for people who live in Toronto and have applied to UBC or other Canadian med schools.
  20. Are the invites now expected to be sent tomorrow? Or there will be elements of a new surprise? I understand it is speculative, but insights are always appreciated.
  21. Frederick Sanger

    Interview Invites date?

    How many cycles have you been applying to UBC for? And have you had an upward trend?
  22. Frederick Sanger

    Interview Invites date?

    I agree with your approach: It is more rational, more cost-effective and most likely to lead to a pleasant sense of gratification and self-fulfillment (aka getting into medical school). I should make a post on this page about all the risks associated with leaving for Carribean schools or European/commonwealth destinations.
  23. Frederick Sanger

    Interview Invites date?

    There is no doubt about the system having major flaws: keeping people like you away from their system. But, I would highly advise you to reconsider. What was your previous NAQ and what is it right now? What details have you added? Perhaps, try to apply broadly to other schools. Your CARS is great for McMaster, Calgary and Alberta so is your GPA. In fact, as long as you meet a flat 125 you could apply to Toronto as well. I advise you to not lose motivation just yet because should you plan to come back to Canada, it may be nearly impossible and you will be introduced to even further uncertainty. Calculate all the steps and future steps before you make your final decision and I suggest you give it a week before you finalize your thoughts. I am very sorry about today and I hope that you recover soon. You deserved a spot for sure. Feel free to message me too. I am happy to help.
  24. Frederick Sanger

    Interview Invites date?

    Don't worry. Unfortunately, there will an abundant amount of tears flowing soon. That should take care of the fire. Alternatively, the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Servies seems to be your best bet.
  25. Frederick Sanger

    Interview Invites date?

    This particular thread needs to have a name change to increased cortisol synthesis.