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  1. Wow what the hell is going on? Do they endo the teeth before processing the denture?
  2. Like the other users said, depends on where you are. I found that I had plenty to choose from in MB and Sask. Didn't look in the bigger cities, but if you're interested in better pay and exposure to a broader range of procedures there's a lot of work in rural areas.
  3. Just because of the way I planned out my courses it took me a little longer. The reason I got it was because I had the reqs to get it by the time I applied to dent, not as a back up. The only thing a BSc is potentially useful for is heat if you burn it.
  4. I finished a general BSc prior to getting in. Biochems weren't the easiest courses. If you think you can handle finishing everything in 2 years (and do VERY WELL) then go for it! If you're concerned about the money, don't be - it's a drop in the bucket once you get into dentistry. Ultimately, you need to do well to get into dentistry. If you are confident you can do it in the 2 years that's awesome, if you think you might struggle to finish everything with a great GPA and on top of that take the DAT then maybe strategize your courses a bit more. Ultimately what I'm saying is that it can be done, it just depends on how much you can handle, like I said before - the vast majority of us didn't do it in 2 years.
  5. Know your limits, only 2 people in my class finished them in 2 years. The rest of us are not worse off. Just make sure you can do well with however many you’re gonna take, cause no one cares once you get in.
  6. My class and 3rd years are going as well (U of Manitoba)
  7. Hey, I'm in 4th year and I found that regardless of what's happening in my life (sick, sleep deprived, etc.), I'm always focused when I'm in clinic. I think that's mostly because I love clinic and hate lecture, but when a patient is sitting in front of you it's hard to be yawning (and if you are at least it's behind a mask). If you are in a state where you think you'll be doing poor work then maybe you shouldn't be in clinic that day for your patient's sake.
  8. hahaha, yea, email her! cause I think I saw her recently, and she's good with email.
  9. not sure to be honest. But I'm in summer clinic, I can pop by her office tomorrow and let you know.
  10. Contact Jean Lyon (Jean.Lyon@umanitoba.ca). She works at student services at the faculty of dentistry and she's great at answering admission questions. Good luck!
  11. From what I remember they have a booklet with a bunch, I don't remember thinking they purposely tried to even then out. I think they flipped to a random page and picked a question. That was 3 years ago though.
  12. They'll email you and let you know whether or not you met the cut offs for an interview. If you did you'll have to call them and set the date and time of your interview. At least that was the way it was 3 years ago when I interviewed.
  13. I'm so glad I stumbled into this! This unknownfuture kid is hilarious.
  14. I think it'll go down. The MDT used to "boost" most people's DAT scores. But, if the dentistry curriculum stays the same (at least for 1st year), then those who would've gotten poor MDT scores might suffer - since carving skills turn out to be a pretty important asset.
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