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  1. looks like someone else also thought very highly of her! http://www.preceptorbuddy.com/medicine/ubc-chan-sarah/
  2. The USask test is for residency so it should be different than the one for med school. This happens to Altus every year. You think they'd have it worked out after 5 yrs !!!!! There is also a US test on the 17th. You will not have to pay any fees for retesting. In general, its in your best interest to retake.
  3. DubZteR

    CasPer - best mock exam

    I don't have any personal experience with them. I think they were offering free casper modules and you had to pay to get the feedback. I would say if it's free then no harm in trying it out, but in terms of feedback, I would be very critical about who is providing the feedback. There are actually very few admission consultants in Canada that have the experience and expertise to provide proper guidance to premeds so my best advice is to be critical and to ask a lot of questions before you pay for any service.
  4. DubZteR


    ... there are always wrong answers for each MMI.
  5. So what you're saying is that you would contact your patient's employer immediately prior to speaking directly with them about the situation and further clarifying. Have you tried this in the real world? Try calling next time your friend is working and ask if he/she is working.. It is unlikely that the employer would even speak to you about one of their employees without first obtaining permission from that employee unless you made a convincing case by breaching confidentiality. If my doctor spoke to my employer without my consent and I found out about it after the fact, I would find a new doctor. Seems like a sure way to get patients to lose their trust in you .... instead of building trust. However, I'm happy to agree to disagree with you on our approach to the situation.
  6. DubZteR

    MMI Practice in GTA

    a few of us are meeting next week downtown toronto to go over some MMI strategies. If you're interested, check out my post in the toronto forum.
  7. DubZteR

    MMI Session in Toronto

    so our session is going to happen next week. Plan is go go over some MMI strategies and run through a few practice scenarios. cheers
  8. what would you suggest?
  9. It's unlikely to see words like "Neurologist" and "epilepsy" on an MMI as those words imply background medical knowledge which the MMI does not test. You'd be surprised how many people truly do not know what a neurologist does. Same with epilepsy..... Good attempt Cheerdoc ... but I would avoid mentioning anything about legalities (unless you have a law background) and also cut out the part about getting any authorities involved right off the bat as in this situation there are quite a few more important issues that warrant exploration first. Your sample answer also sounds somewhat paternalistic .. "ie. I would ensure he is following my advice ...". Your nurse has mentioned seeing him driving a bus. It's important to explore the reasons why he would do this AMA before taking measures such as following up with his employer etc. In a situation like the above, social issues need to be dealt with first (ie. getting a clear idea of the patient's support network etc). Good luck.
  10. any updates on MPI format for those that have interviewed already at Toronto?
  11. DubZteR

    Criminal Disclosure

    whether you answer that you are going to report or not, the bigger issue that an interviewer is going to want to assess is your approach to coming to that conclusion. In this case "reporting" far outweighs "not reporting".
  12. bank on it being essentially 4 modified MMIs
  13. This is an awesome book to prepare for the MMIs but it's on sale right now for only $12.95 on Amazon.ca so $30 is steep
  14. Hey Everyone, I'm in the process of setting up a few free MMI sessions towards the end of january in toronto for current applicants. If you're interested, just send me a private message. Good luck to everyone who is interviewing on Jan 25th!
  15. DubZteR

    Books to prep for MMI

    I would add Multiple Mini Interview for the Mind to the list.