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  1. Hey, I am interested too. Got an MMI interview coming up. I'll dm you my phone number.
  2. athussin

    Submission issue?

    That's comforting to read.. Under App Status it says: Application submitted on 10/1/2018. So I am going to assume this means all is good...
  3. I have green marks by all the sections of my application. I just paid the fee and got confirmation email yet I still have a red mark by Payment although it says fee has been paid and received underneath. Does any one have this as well? How do I know my application has been submitted?
  4. I will happily. Would you look at mine too? I'll inbox you my email address.
  5. 59th percentile and didn't get an interview either. The cut-off score to get an interview in the last three years has been: 98.5, 99.84 and 101.04 (http://wcm.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/admissions/reference-statistics). I got a 103.23. So I must have missed it by a hair length.
  6. athussin

    In-Person Mmi Practice, Victoria

    Hi Jim, I live in down town Vic and I am definitely interested in getting a group together to practice. When do you expect to hear about invites?
  7. are you sure these fullfil first year university level prereqs? it seems like just high school courses..?