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  1. Did anyone Science portion hard? There were so many random questions and words that I don't even recognize . PAT and Reading was easy though
  2. what do they look when selecting 2nd yr transfer students? GPA? and can students from dental schools outside north america get in if their institution is recognized in Canada?
  3. Seems like everyone thought Bio was bit tricky and hard. What does this mean though? Is there chance for getting higher score if the average is low? or do we get graded based on how many correct answers (just percentile changing, not the mark)?
  4. I'm sorry to say this but what Advair250 has been saying is true. Canada and US are much much better options for Canadians. Australia could be considered as alternative option if you are planning to or already have PR or citizen there, otherwise you will get stuck when coming back here to practice. I know this from my friends experience.
  5. Which dental schools in Ireland are accredited in Canada? Are they post grad program or undergrad program? If someone knows, please help me thanks
  6. what is MD..?? Aren't you done with after 4 years of dental school?
  7. I feel like I screwed up really bad. Bio: 18 Chem: 21 AA: 19 Science : 19 Pat: 21 RC : 19 I'm aiming for US do you guys think i need to retake mine? I feel like going into depression
  8. Still no update on Feb dat score How much more do we have to wait??
  9. When should I be expecting the mark to be posted?
  10. I know people for American Dat, they use Chad's videos and Cliff Ap biology 3rd edition to prepare their science part of exam. Is the material covered in Cdat same as american dat?\ so the same study material would be used? And about Reading comprehension, Is there anyone whos done search and destry method on CDAT?
  11. Is there anyone who have written both? could you compare these two? I know cdat doesn't have ochem and math. I'd like to know the difference in terms of difficulty, types of quesitons, and so on thanks
  12. Can you guys suggest study materials for each sections on DAT? and how you guys found the November DAT? I'm writing mine in Feb. thanks in advance
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