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  1. Can anyone comment on loans/bursaries being limited for BC Student Aid / UBC? My current plan is to work through most of the summer, probably till the first week of August, but if the amount of loans/grants I receive end up being reduced, seems like a no-brainer to cut out early.
  2. Are you saying they filled their spots completely just a few days after the initial offer deadline last year?
  3. jfdes

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    They don't generally care about this I think. If anything, they are incentivized to get the offers out faster, as they are more likely to get their higher ranked candidates who may have received an offer elsewhere but would prefer Mac. I was on the waitlist at Mac once, if I remember correctly the first large surge of offers was the second Friday after the initial offers. Don't know if they'll be following that pattern this year of course but that could be a date to look out for
  4. Central Michigan University is also pretty Canadian friendly, I was accepted with a 512 MCAT and ~3.8 GPA (although I think they liked my essays and ECs). Lots of Canadians there interviewing and accepted as well. Newer school though, and in a rural location.
  5. Post in the LOC thread in the medical students subforum, I think rmorelan keeps a list of advisors at different institutions - or someone else might be able to recommend someone.
  6. Agree that we won't ever know for sure, but I think if you reach the interview stage a red flag is unlikely to have been carried over. Just seems silly to interview someone you know you are not going to admit.
  7. UBC is a black box post-interview, so no one really knows. Higher does appear to be better but people do get in with low MCATs. Keep in mind that those who report regrets with a high AQ/NAQ/interview and low MCAT may have other flags in their application that are not immediately apparent. Perhaps they had a terrible reference letter, or scored particularly low on one section of the MCAT (e.g. CARS, which some schools weigh higher). Maybe they got red flagged during the interview itself (can really happen to anyone due to nerves, etc. even if you are usually great). The only people who know for sure are the UBC admissions committee - and it could also change from year to year. Be careful about drawing conclusions from the largely anecdotal data in this forum.
  8. Ahh ok, I've heard they've been stingy with waiving the fee for establishes Scotia clients on their new card so was worried they may not want to budge on it. Happy to hear otherwise, Chase is gone from Canada so there aren't any good 0% fx fee cards available nowadays. Looking forward to having this one for four years... Sounds good, I'm familiar with the referral game with it comes to credit cards and am happy to use yours for the LOC if you can help facilitate the process.
  9. Reviving an older thread instead of making a new one... Would anyone be able to comment on how much in loans you would be eligible for if you worked full time the previous year? Say a salary of $60k/year. I also assume I would not be eligible for any bursaries with that income for 2017?
  10. Great, thanks. Do they compete for clients with other Scotia reps? I'm really looking to get the latest Passport Visa Infinite Scotia just started offering, and am wondering what the best way to negotiate this is...
  11. Ah ok, thanks. I'll be attending UBC. Should I reach out a rep in Vancouver, or is it better to meet locally to set it up (won't be in Vancouver till at least August probably).
  12. I'd interpret it as them offering you VFMP, and it being up to you to accept or decline - so not being forced into doing anything. It probably isn't a bad idea though to send an email seeking clarification.
  13. Can anyone recommend a good Scotia advisor located in downtown Toronto? Or maybe a good advisor in general, if this doesn't see to be done in person?
  14. Do you have a recommendation for a good PDF editor?
  15. Yes, you can choose to stay in IMP if you wish. Source: http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2018/05/11/waitlist-questions-2018/ What if I have accepted an offer to my second (or third or fourth) choice and have decided I want to stay there? Do I have to accept an offer to my first choice site if I receive one? You can stay at a less-preferred site if you would like to. We will take you off the waitlist for your preferred site(s). Please message us to let us know, and be aware that this decision is final. You will not be put back on the waitlist for your first (or second, etc) choice site.