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  1. TD. Haven't tried to get Scotia to match it but I assume they will if I show them a copy of the paperwork?
  2. We had our first class at UBC yesterday, and a few people mentioned they're getting Prime - 0.30 now. Is that the new competitive rate?
  3. RBC and Scotia offer the most competitive rates and products, Scotia is slightly better because they automate the interest payment process and give you better credit cards (with more years of the fee waived I think). Ultimately you'll just want to go with an option that has a good advisor who is familiar with medical students' needs, but Scotia has enough good advisors that are easy to find that you should probably just go with them.
  4. Thanks. That's a bummer, but I guess it does make sense -- I didn't start paying MSP until the July after I started working, but I had started working the September the previous year, so that was quite a few months of free MSP. Don't really have a lot of prescriptions so I think the UBC plan should be sufficient for me, but thanks for the heads up on that.
  5. As many are aware, MSP premiums are assessed to all residents of BC based on their income tax assessments from the previous taxation year. Does anyone know if we are still required to pay the premiums even if we resign from our jobs to start medical school in the fall?
  6. So you don't care how many credit lines we have open, you would just reduce the LOC by the combined credit limits of the cards? Even if it is say 20k - 30k in credit limit over 5+ cards? How does this policy work with "open" cards, e.g. Amex charge cards that do not have a credit limit because you are required to pay the balance off in full every month?
  7. Slightly related to the topic of planning vacation time, so I figured I'd post here... Is there anything important happening on labour day weekend that we would have to attend? I vaguely remember there is (was?) a retreat that happens very early on, was wondering if that was labour day weekend.
  8. jfdes

    Physician political orientation

    I think its worth separating out fiscal from social conservatives (even though they tend to be grouped together in both federal and provincial politics). I don't see fiscal conservatism as being incompatible with tolerance and compassion. People who work hard for their money and make a lot of it are often in this category, including some doctors. That doesn't preclude them from caring for others, or working hard to help others who are different from them. As for social conservatives, to be blunt I do think they would make bad doctors - or at least bad family physicians. Their ideology has very strict beliefs on how others should behave ("traditional family values"), I do not see how it would be possible to address the issues of others who live their lives in every possible way if your default is to look down upon anything that isn't traditional. Happy to be convinced otherwise though from any social conservatives who post to this forum. Edit: minor edits for clarity
  9. jfdes

    Cell Phone Plans

    Yeah, anything outside of SK, MB, and QC are pretty terrible for cell phone plans. My parents are getting reamed already with Telus though so I'm looking for other options in case they can't give them anything through the loyalty line. Does it say if you could add on an extra line for $35 to share the data/talk/text plan, like they usually allow with phones? In the Ontario one it specifically says no, but if you can for this it would be ideal. And I assume they include the phone with the plan for this, in addition to the $300 device credit off the top?
  10. Actually its looking like there won't be any updates on iPads at WWDC this year https://9to5mac.com/2018/05/31/bloomberg-wwdc-roundup/ I'm in no rush though, I'll either keep an eye out for deals for the 2017 Pro or wait for the update if there are hints it'll come in the fall
  11. jfdes

    MD Financial/Backpacks

    This seems like an easy enough exception to make, where everyone wins (doctors get a pension, government gets some goodwill, more people in the country are saving appropriately for retirement...). Why hasn't it been done already? This has to cost someone something. Who?
  12. jfdes

    Cell Phone Plans

    Would anybody be able to post the updated CMA plan, or confirm the details? Don't know if they are different but I am specifically looking for BC, and it needs login info I don't have just yet. https://www.cma.ca/En/Pages/telus.aspx
  13. This setup is amazing. I was just debating picking up an iPad for note-taking and i think you've just convinced me. What do you use to edit after class? I'm assuming any PC or Macbook would work, or even the iPad itself? My PC still works really well so I'm hesitant to upgrade to a touchscreen PC, so this looks like a great in between where I can hook up the PC to a couple of monitors and be able to study with all the notes taken from the iPad