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  1. Yikes, that's quite the scathing review of McMaster...
  2. Dunno if you know this, but if a CMG takes an IMG spot that is ROS, will they have to sign an ROS as well?
  3. UBC voted on it as well and confirmed it. No official statement from the faculty but we've heard from our student reps who were at the meeting. I think we were one of the last ones remaining.
  4. This is incredibly saddening, and terrifying, to hear.
  5. Is this something the faculties decide, or the provincial government? In the AFMC report it says "Responsible: Faculties in consultation with provincial governments" "
  6. I thought the tax credits were federal? If that's the case, don't count on them coming back when the provincial government changes something
  7. Thanks, I appreciate you responding. I was under the impression that even with the interest being tax deductible the LOC rate will still be better then government rate + deducting interest, but I will have another look at that. I was also not aware they would suspend payments during residency. If you see this and are able to respond again, could you comment on whether interest accrues during residency?
  8. Physician compensation is still lower in BC I believe I think the medical association is on better terms with government though
  9. This just seems like such a mess now. I wonder how Dr. Jacobs sees this playing out...
  10. If you really want ophtho your best bet may be to write and ace the USMLEs and use the US as a backup. You'll know your score well before match date and so will be able to assess your chances - score high enough and you should have a good chance of matching if Canada doesn't work out.
  11. They'll likely remove many of the grants, but the loans will still be in place. A shame, really, as this policy was trying to get more students from underrepresented groups into postsecondary education, and it was doing a decent job of it. Bonnie Lysyk is a partisan hack. From her own report (https://files.ontario.ca/pa18_annualreport_cfs_en.pdf, pg 22): Not sure how she drew the conclusion that it wasn't working. But it is a good setup for Ford to reduce OSAP for 2019/20.
  12. Most (90%+) of lectures are recorded at UBC, and attendance isn't mandatory (although I think the faculty gets queasy when they get too low, such as right before a midterm). Lecturers are asked if they can be recorded and most are fine with it.
  13. Great thread, thanks for posting! I have a question - are the amounts under "Student Loan" are government student loans? If so, how come you don't have to make payments to them, and why didn't you pay them off with the LOC?
  14. So is all the fuss with IMGs mainly those who want to be super specialized in Canada? Because there seems to be a lot of lobbying for IMGs to have more access to Canadian residencies, but if they just did a US residency it sounds like they could still end up in Canada. It's a bit more time away, but seems better then doing an ROS here...
  15. Is it pretty easy to come back to practice in Canada after completing a US residency?
  16. I've worked for government for several years, I definitely agree that they rarely have an idea of what the hell is going on in any sector. That being said, this feels like a slippery slope argument. I don't see why CMG ROS spots on top of the current allocation (which, in BC, is 1:1) would lead to all CMG spots turning to ROS. This seems like a huge jump from adding spots that weren't even there in the first place. Also not following how it would reduce physician's ability to negotiate fee schedules. It does look like the residencies were changed up a bit, but last year there were 288 CMG residencies and 58 IMG residencies, and this year there are 288 CMG residencies and 58 IMG residencies, with an additional CMG-ROS for Derm. So it looks like it wasn't a conversion, it was a brand new spot. I've heard there's a committee from the Faculty of Medicine that determines the residency allocation for a given year, so that might explain the change in spots... but it does look like it was new funding for the Derm ROS. I guess I'm still struggling to understand why this is a bad thing. I mean, I get that we need enough residencies for graduating students, and those residencies shouldn't have an ROS attached. That goes without saying. But residencies above and beyond that? I can see why government may want to put some strings to those, there are shortages in certain regions and the government's job is to address those shortages. I know ROS isn't the best way of addressing it, but at least it's something.
  17. Ok, I'm having a hard time seeing why this is a bad thing... maybe someone can comment? This actually seems like a great solution, an incredibly competitive residency that was previously locked to IMG is now available to CMGs. Sure, there's an ROS attached, but the BC government already funds 288 residencies, which is the same number as the graduating class (usually). After 288, it seems more then fair for the government to have a bit more say in where people practice. What am I missing? We have so many people who are not matching at all. Surely converting 50 IMG-ROS residencies to CMG-ROS could only be a good thing?
  18. TD. Haven't tried to get Scotia to match it but I assume they will if I show them a copy of the paperwork?
  19. We had our first class at UBC yesterday, and a few people mentioned they're getting Prime - 0.30 now. Is that the new competitive rate?
  20. RBC and Scotia offer the most competitive rates and products, Scotia is slightly better because they automate the interest payment process and give you better credit cards (with more years of the fee waived I think). Ultimately you'll just want to go with an option that has a good advisor who is familiar with medical students' needs, but Scotia has enough good advisors that are easy to find that you should probably just go with them.
  21. Thanks. That's a bummer, but I guess it does make sense -- I didn't start paying MSP until the July after I started working, but I had started working the September the previous year, so that was quite a few months of free MSP. Don't really have a lot of prescriptions so I think the UBC plan should be sufficient for me, but thanks for the heads up on that.
  22. As many are aware, MSP premiums are assessed to all residents of BC based on their income tax assessments from the previous taxation year. Does anyone know if we are still required to pay the premiums even if we resign from our jobs to start medical school in the fall?
  23. So you don't care how many credit lines we have open, you would just reduce the LOC by the combined credit limits of the cards? Even if it is say 20k - 30k in credit limit over 5+ cards? How does this policy work with "open" cards, e.g. Amex charge cards that do not have a credit limit because you are required to pay the balance off in full every month?
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