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  1. Disagree. With how competitive CARMS is it's worth doing. Taking it easy on my summer electives allowed me to "chill" a bit and because I went into them with the mindset that I wasn't going to get a strong letter with them being so early, they were great learning experiences. Relax when you match.
  2. Ahh. From your earlier comment I thought they were being sent on the 2nd but we must be in different time zones then. Thanks.
  3. It's good, heard the teaching there is better than VGH and you gain a handful of procedural skills. Cheers.
  4. 1. Not really, but it's still more competitive than I expected - there's still discussion about marks right after exams, people who are reluctant to share notes, etc. but overall, much less competitive than undergrad. 2. How much material there is 3. Read some basic medical ethics, did a lot of MMI practice
  5. *within the bounds of professional conduct Given that interview invites are coming out pretty soon, we're sure you all have a lot of questions about what life as UBC medicine student is like. The following users will be answering your questions: Myself notanartist Fleming Gohan (he didn't agree to this but most likely he will)
  6. I mentioned this in the support thread and there was some interest - I think it'd be fun for us to hang out and match real names and faces to avatars and usernames. I'm looking to make a reservation for next Friday evening if that works well for people, location TBD. Comment with suggestions on a location and whether or not you can make it - once some locations are narrowed down, drop me a private message if you can attend so I know how many people to reserve for. Hopefully this works out!
  7. Stamp: 11:02AM Result: ACCEPTED (VFMP) IP aGPA: ~92% MCAT: 37 (12 verbal) NAQ: See previous posts
  8. I had this really great idea where I'd get super drunk tonight then wake up past noon tomorrow and then I remembered I have to be volunteering tomorrow morning...
  9. "Premed101 are largely medical students and doctors. They've been through the undergrad process and couldn't care less about which school someone went to. Thus they say to go where you want to go. Nobody wants to step on the toes of another med student who may have went to that university in which they claim to be easier or harder." I don't think so?
  10. The weird thing about UBC is I have absolutely no idea how I did on the MMI. With Alberta, I felt extremely good and thought the questions were straightforward - my acceptance there was not a surprise to me at all (although I'm still really thankful for it). But thinking about UBC makes my stomach sink...
  11. GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 39 (12 Verbal) ECs: Student government, Hospital Volunteering (3 years), Graphic Design (since elementary school), Founder of 2 clubs at UBC, and a few random things Year: 4th year (graduating) OOP Accepted. Feeling extremely blessed right now to have received my first acceptance.
  12. Accepted Made this post in a hurry after getting out of a gym, but I want to thank everyone on Premed101 for their support. To all the waitlisters out there, stay hopeful! I've heard a lot of success stories from people off the waitlist here
  13. Apologies if this has been answered, when do acceptance (not waitlist) letters tend to trickle in?
  14. It most certainly is. The key is, in my opinion, is to pursue something that is interesting to you and will set you apart from other candidates and take it to the furthest level you can. I think it helps if your involvement is regular and over a long period of time (1+ years).
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