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  1. All very solid points! You just have to aim high and hopefully be in that bracket of dentists that clears more then 120. I know a ton of dentists in my hometown that average double that (mind you the practice is very successful) Saying that I agree, NYU CAN be a gamble to someone who is not financially well of, given my situation (which I am eternally grateful for) I see this as my chance to grab my dream job, so I'm going for it. This is also an arguing point which suggests that person may want to be a dentist for more than just the money. I think more dentists should be able to clear this within a 10year span. That being said, 10yrs as a "poor" dentist cannot be fun, I would imagine.
  2. slightly older student (24) have had a successful time as a scientist at the hospital and my dad is fronting the tuition (temporary loan) the cost is no important to me - the education is thanks for the concern !
  3. I'm a (Ontario) resident in (graduate) studies. My GPA was (BAD) and my DAT scores were: Undergrad 4yr GPA (2.8,3.0,3.4,3.8,3.8) Masters 2yr GPA (4.0,4.0) 2 Major Publications (1 more in works) Overseas volunteering and 3000+ shadow hours Biology: (19) Chemistry: (21) Reading Comprehension: (24) Academic Average: (22) Perceptual Ability: (18) Carving: (n/a) I was (accepted) by NYU. This is my (first) time applying to this school. I applied to US and CAN schools. US - NYU,Boston,USF,UConn,UWV,Temple Accepted NYU, Rejected Uconn & UWV (No response from others yet!) CAN - UofT, Western, Sask, DAL No replies yet from any school
  4. Basically got rejected hard from West Virginia and U Conn but NYU seemed to like me so yeah that's where I'll be next september maybe !!! **Still no word from the Canadian Schools so there's pressure to find out before the offer from NYU goes out. Thanks everyone !
  5. it really is annoying since everything is fine minus the first 2yrs... such a blow to an otherwise good application I think. I DO however have "special circumstances" or at least the option to add a reason behind those marks on some apps.. hopefully that will get seen and they will focus on the later strong half of my academic career..? I'm thinking Western will be my strongest as they do top 2 years (I'm mid 80s) and they only look at the RC on the DAT which i'm 98% in my year.. so with all my other stuff I hope that's good for them. gotta keep positive i guess. apparently there's always a career as a scientist for me... or so my boss says that.
  6. McMaster University grad. I'll cut to the facts.. 5yr undergrad Major- Biology Minor- Astrobiology yearly avgs (2.5, 2.7, 3.2, 3.6, 3.8) 2yr Masters Medical Sciences (Thesis - only 1 class per year) yearly avgs (4.0, 4.0) DAT (canadian) Bio (19) Chem (21) Reading Comp (24) AA (21) Pat (18) 3000 hrs (a lot!) shadowing including work in Kenya and Tanzania 2 scientific publications (including a textbook chapter) working on a 3rd JUST worried about my Undergrad GPA cumulative it's only like 3.2 (the first few years hit me HARD! ) please be honest! I know my slow start hurts a lot but I have tons of experience and made up for that in my later years and masters... I just hope that's enough to cover the blackspot on my application.. ughh
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