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  1. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not sure what to do. My case is I'm missing 3 prereqs, when I found out about the termination of the NTP, all cegep summer schools admissions were closed. I considered writing an email but not sure that will do anything.
  2. oh no! where did you see this? can't seem to find it on the website!
  3. hi! any other ntp's waiting? seems like we will only find out in march! wonder why the long wait...
  4. quick question...just went back into the workbook to add these classes...is there any easy way to just insert them where they belong so the classes are in chronogical order? right now i added these 2 classes and theyre at the bottom of the work book even though the year i put is my first semester...they stay at the bottom not grouped with the other first semester courses... i really hope i don't have to redo this entire section to fix this!! ah!
  5. Hi! Just finished completing the workbook. I wanted to ask 3 questions...I already called the admissions office but haven't been able to reach them. for my undergrad that i'm using as the basis of admission. I did 1 year as a Ba student in economics, then switched into a B admin program for another semester than switched into a Bcomm for the rest of my undergrad. All the classes i took obviously contributed to graduating with a Bcomm... not sure if i should put the classes i took under Ba then the classes i took when i was in a B admin program as B admin or just keep it all under Bcomm since that is what I graduated in and all the classes i took contributed to that. 2nd question is 2 semesters I was late to drop a class and I have 2 discs (discontinued) do I have to put that as well even though it doesn't contribute to any credits for that semester and obviously has no mark? I took those classes the following semester though... 3rd question is I took a class my first semester that I didn't receive credits for since I already was exempted from (poor advice from academic advising) I put it in my workbook but showed that it contributed 0 credits...or should I just omit that from my workbook? hope someone can shed some light on this before I go crazy! thanks!
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