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  1. I also noticed that many individuals who seem like "perfect" candidates with many publications, volunteering etc. (on this forum and ones I know personally) do get rejected each year as well (pre- and post-interview).
  2. That's really really concerning and so I can now see your fraustration OP. Did your friend ended up getting an interview this cycle? I am sure that using friends and made-up people will raise some flags , and it would catch up to her during her interviews if she did get one. OP, were you a verifier for that volunteering position? and do you have a copy of her application description for that volunteering position you both were involved with? Is there anyway you can approach her and give her an ultimatum?
  3. If you got in a US school, would you actually go to it and do you have a way to finance it? (I am currently in the same situation about whether to start a US application now) Do you have any plans this summer (i.e. full-time job) that would affect your ability to study for the current MCAT?
  4. I am just curious how come this has only occured to you now (many months have passed since applications were submitted, interview season is done and the application cycle is ending)?
  5. Thanks everyone for the reply. How about the weighted GPA policy at UofT?
  6. After reading one of the threads in this forum.. I am now getting paranoid about these medical school GPA policies. What happens if you are a full-time graduate student at university A but took ONE undergraduate course at an online self-paced university B for a prerequisite and later decided to withdraw form it because A. you no longer need it and B. graduate course load was too heavy. Now I have a W on my transcript from that university. Am I affected by any Ontario med school GPA policies? Note I finished my undergraduate studies will a full course load. Thank you.
  7. So OP's chances are only affected at Queens and Toronto?
  8. Doesnt it depend on how you say it and support your opinion on the physician-suicide issue?
  9. Has anyone gotten one interview and got accepted to that school? Note: I am only curious to know as the odds are so low pre-interview and post-interview. So just wondering if this is common since it seems way too competitative in Ontario (based from this forum) and the fact that each school have different requirements.
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