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  1. I would consider SMPs rather than a 2nd undergrad if you are set at USMD. If you are open to both US and Canada, then I would suggest a 2nd undergrad.
  2. Hey, sorry to revive a relatively dead thread. It obviously depends on the school, but in general 2 years of full-time work experience (preferably ICU or ER) and a cGPA>3.5 would make the cut for most schools (McGill, UofT etc.)
  3. Hey! Sorry about the confusion. I was thinking more like instances where the school only looks at cGPA (such as McGill) or when wGPA formula cannot apply to the U of T applicant and they have to use cGPA. Also, I was wondering what is the cGPA where a second degree is definitely needed, despite a 515+ MCAT or strong upward trend.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been seeing a lot of mixed answers to what cGPA a second undergrad would be considered necessary/highly recommended. So according to your opinion, what is the cGPA that work experience/grad school can't really make up for? This is assuming that the applicant would only want to go to medicine, nothing else as a career choice, but is flexible enough to like research/work.
  5. Nursing in cegep is more hands on and practical compared to undergrad in uni. It prepares you better for nursing in university, since the clinicals would be super easy. Also once you graduate you can work as a RN once you pass the OIIQ exam. However if your end goal is medicine, it is not the best idea since there will be a discrepancy of prerequisites (McGill needs org, 2 bios, 2 physics and 2 chems), while in cegep nursing you do the nursing version of some of those classes.
  6. theres no attendance for phgy209, its recorded, but only available during the fall term
  7. Congrats at the scholarship! Any program in any undergrad institution is acceptable in med. What is important is how you maintain your GPA and have an interesting CV (good mix of clinical, volunteer, research and hobbies). Then again, in nursing its slightly different, since it might be difficult to fit in those "premed" classes into your schedule, pass/fail classes and subjective nursing theory classes. By the way, I would not recommend you to go into nursing if you fully 100% want to go into med. It is slightly unfair that you are taking a spot of someone who might really want to go into nursing, especially considering it is a professional program. If you could see yourself being happy as a staff nurse, NP or nursing researcher/academic, and you also want to keep med as an open option too, then go for nursing. BUT if you see yourself as nothing but a doctor, then it might be a better idea to go the classic "premed" route...
  8. I find instrumental songs are better for studying. Personal electronic favorites are Future Bass, Chill and Trap genres on channels like ChillNation, Monstercat and xKito
  9. Good question, I would say biomedical sciences, but could be debatable.
  10. PM'd you! That makes sense. I think ill stick with a classic dress shirt+pants. Can't go wrong with business casual
  11. I'll be attending a national conference through a poster presentation. I was wondering what to wear (as a guy). Should it be suit+tie or would a shirt with a collar be fine? Thanks!
  12. Although I may be stating the obvious, if you value the science, heavy decision-making and analytical side of healthcare, then medicine would be for you. With your grades, you would no doubt be competitive for Ontario and OOP schools. However, if for whatever reason you would like to do a BScN or PA, then by all means go for it. I would not suggest doing a BScN though, as at most you can save a year of school work. You can look into direct entry masters for nursing. You should have no problem applying for PA school if you have all the prereqs and the necessary GPA. For nursing, a quick google check could do the trick. McGill has a decent nursing program for BSc holders. http://www.mcgill.ca/nursing/programs/msca-direct-entry
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