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  1. Lol yea I should have mentioned that I also contacted McGill despite their very explicit policy regarding not allowing transfers, and got the expected answer.
  2. Thanks for all the responses! Totally forgot about this thread, hence the late response. An update on my situation for onlookers with similar questions. I contacted University of Ottawa and Queen's because they were the only school locations that would help my situation. Ottawa declined my request to transfer because I was denied an interview when I last applied there 2 years ago (pretty stupid in my opinion). Queens, on the other hand, said that while they don't allow for full transfers, they would be willing to work with my curriculum coordinator to arrange for me to do as many core clinical rotations there as they could offer. I'm currently waiting to hear back from my associate dean and curriculum coordinator, which at this moment are the limiting factors.
  3. Any elective advice for someone who is looking to match family med at McMaster (or somewhere in Southern Ontario)? I've heard it's good to be diverse, but maybe some electives are better than others? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm wondering if anyone had any advice to give or information on potentially transferring between Canadian medical schools for clerkship. To my understanding, some schools accept full transfers into their program starting in 3rd year (for 4 year programs) and others, while not allowing full transfers, will allow students to do core clinical rotations at their centre during their clerkship (so they still get their degree from their initial institution). I ask because I'm getting married this coming summer and I would like to be closer to my spouse who is fixed in Montreal. Ideally I'd like to be within a few hours drive of Montreal, but just about any Ontario school will work. Thanks!
  5. Invite: Yes TIME STAMP: 12:44 PM EST OOP/IP: OOP GPA: 87% MCAT: (519) 129/128/130/132 (CHEM/BIO/CARS/PSYC)
  6. TIME STAMP: 7:08 PM Result: Reject wGPA: 3.86 MCAT: (519) 129/128/130/132 (CHEM/BIO/CARS/PSYC) Eps: Heavily involved in campus life and clubs (president of one, treasurer of another). Weekly hospital volunteer for 2 years. Distress line worker for 6 months. Mission trip. 2 NSERCs. Current Year: 4th year undergraduate
  7. Hey Danny, Apply to places near or in the university you plan on attending as a volunteer. Say that you will wash test tubes, or clean equipment for free. This will get you foot in the door for research positions there during your undergrad which will be very beneficial when it comes to applying to med-schools.
  8. Hey I'm just posting if anyone has some insight into how medschools view aegrotat marks, and how I sit in regards to getting an interview. Summer before first year my dad suddenly died from a brain tumour. During first year I struggled with depression and lack of motivation. At the end of the year, right before exams, I had a friend die as well, which left me in a pretty bad state. I did not write final exams and received aegrotat marks for 8 out of my 10 credits. The grades I did receive in the two credits I completed were a 66 (2.0 GPA) in calculus and an 88 (3.9 GPA) in physics. I just finished first semester of second year with a 3.825 and I'm on course for something similar or higher this semester. As for volunteering, I went on a 3 week mission trip to Africa last year in which I was able to shadow a doctor in the paediatric malnutrition ward. This year I volunteer 2 hours per week at the local hospital. I have also shadowed two other doctors in the past. I plan to write my MCAT this summer while concurrently doing a summer NSERC research position. What are my chances?
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