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  1. secondchance

    A town funding a residency spot?

    Ya, I understand towns offer funding for a ROS. I was wondering if it was possible to get a spot, as you say, off the CaRMS books through a locally funded position.
  2. Hi there, Is it possible for a township to fund a residency spot for a CMG who is willing to offer a ROS? If this is possible, what would be the next step? Talk to the Ministry of Health in the province? To a University Program?
  3. so is everything suppose to be completed by March 13? And between March 13 and by March 27 the programs reviews your application and omehow arranges an interview as well if they're interested? So having all my LOR done by March 13 is best I assume?
  4. they are all still there. i applied 5 years ago.
  5. what do you do if you were off and sick leave for months and months. then it takes a it to show them you're ok to work (no income for 6 months) and the LOC is so close to the max. Live alone so no one else to help with. Probably can't bumb it up since I don't have a 'job' yet.
  6. secondchance

    2nd Iteration chances for IMG

    do you have to have all your LOR and documents submitted before the first round started? I don't see any milestones listed on the CaRMS website for 2nd interation that address this. Do you guys have sample drafts that you have written up or are you going to wait and see what's free and then write your personal statements? Thanks!
  7. If a school has an opening in program A are you really 'transfering' versus just applying for program A? Maybe I'm splitting hairs. I wouldn't need to be in a program if they had an opening in program A because I assume that opening comes with funding.
  8. Hey all, So when you're going for the 2nd iteration you don't have a lot of time to really gather LOR and to write personal statements since you don't know what spots are going to be open. Do you just ask people for a general LOR and crank out some personal statements over a couple of days/weeks? I understand having a LOR catered to a speciality is more ideal but then if there's no openings in that speciality you're pretty much fawked sending a LOR that says you'd be good for ortho when it ends up being full and you send that LOR off to FM. Advise?
  9. So I'm simultaneously appealing this decision of dismissal and looking into the second round of CaRMS at the same time. If I somehow get a spot in something in the second round I'll take it no matter what (I think). If I did get a spot in something in the second round I don't see what would be the point of fighting this dismissal anyhow since I don't even want to be in the program. I had thought fighting it to stay in the program would make it easier to transfer out. However, all the FM programs I've contacted have said they're full and aren't taking transfers. Given that I'd have to transfer out of province to a FM program, having funding in this province wouldn't matter any ways or make it any easier since my funding doesn't carry out of province I understand. Although having this dismissal off my record entirely would be ideal as I'd think it would make for awkward interview conversations and issues with future licencing, etc. Suggestions?
  10. still didn't get a good reason out of her but other than it's some CMPA policy.
  11. the represented for the first hearing but she says she isn't sure if she can continue with the appeal. i'll ask why when i see her tuesday.
  12. I've talked to PARIMP and they say their lawyers are used for contract negotiations and whatnot.