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  1. A-Stark

    Doug Ford & OPC clinches majority government...

    I felt Trudeau's talk about "rich doctors" and the like was actually personally offensive. It's one thing to talk about *everyone* helping by paying more in taxes for certain purposes. But physicians were right to feel specifically targeted, even while trust fund kids like Trudeau himself and Morneau continue to have their numbered foreign accounts.
  2. A-Stark

    Physician political orientation

    That might be true only if you think there are "liberal" or "conservative" answers. Not everything fits some a priori ideological lens. Now of course if we're talking about things like abstinence-only policies or being against harm reduction, then perhaps you're right. We're talking about Doug Ford here. He's a proven liar who never accomplished much of anything in public office, has "succeeded" only by inheriting a business (of questionable current health), and was the enabler in chief of his late brother's alcoholism, drug use, consorting with gangs, and general nastiness. He's not someone that's ever taken responsibility for much of anything and is more inclined to promise the moon but offer no way to pay for it. Anyway the last time the PCs were in power in Ontario they sold off a toll highway for basically nothing, made a mess of electricity regulation, and cut inspectors and basic infrastructure resulting in NOT building any subways and people dying from contaminated water in Walkerton. I am delighted to see the end of an increasingly tired and self-involved Liberal government, and equally delighted not to live in Ontario. Edit: Doug Ford is also evidently pro-vaping so that makes him a tool.
  3. A-Stark

    Physician political orientation

    Proximity to where? Finland?
  4. A-Stark

    Physician political orientation

    Wait - what public sector administrators make 6 figures doing "nothing" all day? Perhaps hospital nursing managers? I'm sure there is room to trim that particular sort of fat, but they're not doing nothing. And let's not forget that physician services are well over 90% funded (perhaps over 95%) from the public purse. We are a major expenditure for governments and it is no surprise that they have attempted to rein in billings. We could, of course, introduce the fairly gross inequalities in fee-for-service incomes amongst different specialists and GPs as a topic for discussion. What social programs will you cut? Which are "useless"? I think there are a lot of people with excessive expectations of government support, but means-testing can be problematic and expensive in itself. What's completely obvious in practice is that social determinants are always driving outcomes and we are far from tackling them adequately in Canada. And yet countries like Sweden get plenty of immigrants too (albeit with different kinds of controversies), yet they have a 20% VAT there. But I don't remember seeing a single panhandler in Stockholm or Gothenburg. We've got plenty in St John's though. The GST might have been the final straw that broke the PC camel's back, but it was Mulroney's "rolling the dice" on constitutional matters that destroyed the party. As for Toronto, the city has long subsisted on lower property taxes compared to neighbouring cities in Peel, York, and Durham. What programs can be cut there anyway? The TTC is already the least subsidized major transit system in the country and probably North America. But Doug Ford says Pickering will get the subway so... part of the problem are politicians that are venal and stupid and a public that is poorly informed and similarly stupid. But the way the average person drives is probably a good proxy for the intelligence of the average voter. I don't think that's true at all. But the role of social determinants in health care access and outcomes is almost total. Our system is very incomplete - vast numbers of people can't afford their medications and everything from smoking to poor oral hygiene is associated with lower incomes. I'm hardly about 'equality of outcome' but ignoring inequality isn't going to break poverty cycles or lead to better population health.
  5. A-Stark

    Doug Ford & OPC clinches majority government...

    1) Should they? Or should Ontario get proper regionalization like everywhere else in the country? Only in Ontario do hospitals across the street from each other all have their own CEOs, executive teams and - worst - IT systems. 2) An increase to services? With what money? Or do you think they'll actually find $6bn in "savings" that easily? 3) I doubt they really know what stance they'll have. Certainly there seemed to be a lot of physicians active on Twitter during the campaign, often in fairly vitriolic fashion.
  6. Well only if you brought said firearm into a hospital... I know lots of physicians who hunt so there you go.
  7. There’s really never any reason to be restrictive in the application stage. You can rank whatever you want and decline interviews if you feel strongly. But never ever apply narrowly because the system is not friendly to second chances.
  8. A-Stark

    Worried About Debt

    $30k is nothing in grand scheme of things and doesn’t even incur much monthly interest. It’s nothing to worry about with a residency salary (neither is a $200k+ debt for that matter). As staff you could easily pay that off in the first year of practice. Be frugal and such. I probably went out to eat and travelled a lot more than I should have in med school. But some classmates were far more extravagant. The bottom line is that med school is expensive and tuition tax credits don’t last forever. Residency is expensive too.
  9. A-Stark

    First Aid, Pathoma

    There isn’t much point in having them. They’re a very low quality resource.
  10. You can claim mileage under certain circumstances but not for car payments or anything like that. You cannot claim costs of a personal vehicle that you use to drive to work.
  11. I think I might have put "MD Candidate" in my signature back in the day but I honestly don't remember. It looks dumb and pretentious in retrospect. And really it's just putting on airs next to FRCPC. #staff
  12. A-Stark

    First Aid, Pathoma

    Don't bother with TO Notes in pre-clerkship. It's just a bare bones study aid for clinical rotations but little else. Absolutely no basic science.
  13. I don't think there's anything wrong with speaking to your PD. In fact, any half-decent PD could end up being a strong advocate for you. The key is that it's probably best to wait until after you start. I imagine you'll have a scheduled meeting with the PD in the first 6 months at which point you can raise your concerns. You might even reconsider your feelings now then. Your postgrad office probably can connect you with a counsellor (often a physician) who you could talk to about this too and provide some advice.
  14. I'm mainly familiar with the Dal group. All of them cover their geriatric inpatient units (progressive/transitional/rehab care) and most also participate in medicine call as well. You can certainly have a purely outpatient private practice but the income potential would be limited. Otherwise your institution would likely have varying degrees of coverage required for your position.
  15. A-Stark

    Endocrinologist Lack Of Info

    Well, the privacy question concerns individual billings, not averages.