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  1. I'm not sure why social events involving drinking are considered markers of wealth. I would say at my med school not drinking was very much an exception. Generally speaking, EtOH is the centre of socialization in the Maritimes and NL.
  2. Having actually billed for dialysis, I can't really argue with this. I have a hard time understanding why a chronic run based on dry weight is compensated the same as, say, a stress test or more than double a routine inpatient visit. Sure, dialysis patients can run into trouble, but so do inpatients. Either way, there are a lot of inequities that aren't justified by much of anything at all (especially when they give rise to the cartel-like behaviour of a lot of nephro groups).
  3. A-Stark

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    Adult rheumatologists don't see much of any "degenerative" stuff because they're too busy with all the RA, PSA, etc.
  4. A-Stark

    Stress level

    I'm only a few months in but I do find staff life more stressful. The exam year was a different kind of crazy but I find outpatient practice dizzying. My setup is pretty nice and our EMR is good, but it tends to pull me in many different directions at once. The ICU weeks are busy and often long but my days are much more circumscribed. Call is busy but I don't find it stressful exactly. Tiring, for sure, but that's not quite the same. I also live within walking distance to the hospital so it's enough getting around. (It's really been far more stressful going through kitchen renos...) I never got the "leaving early" thing. Why would they ever get to do that? There'd certainly be time for an extra case or so if that policy didn't exist. Otherwise they never had any sense to NOT trash talk each other while other people are sitting in, say, patient holding. (Other people as in me.)
  5. A-Stark

    Family Medicine Income

    It's not really the same as looking at renal cysts or the liver's "echotexture".
  6. A-Stark

    Family Medicine Income

    It depends on the hospital. You won't say many if any GIMs who have anything like Level III echo training but Level II (e.g. about 6 months and mainly TTE) is feasible. We have radiologists reading echos currently... GIMs scoping is a thing in smaller hospitals - mine has actual GI specialists and surgeons who compete for scope time. I don't get any of the urban "academic" GIM consults with the non-specific aches and pains and feelings of ennui (and many iterations of ANA/ENA investigations). And I have yet to get an outpatient diabetes consult. I don't expect I'll really have time for any of that. There's just so much chest pain...
  7. I"m not sure what kind of suburban 905 voters will be happy with any of this.
  8. A-Stark

    Family Medicine Income

    There are a few GIMs pushing up to 7 figures, but they're the ones scoping and/or reading echos in smaller community centres. Most of my referrals are cardiology. I had a fairly light clinic day today preceded by stress tests and MIBIs with or without said treadmill all week. And I'm really still just starting so referrals are only just starting to pick up.
  9. A-Stark

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    It exists but a "high volume" subspecialty it is not.
  10. I would not necessarily be against some sort of required "service" period but it presupposes changes to the postgraduate training system. If we had a common "internship" like system with 1-2 years of broad training, to be followed with a period of service in a GP/urgent care/community emerg setting that might make sense. Not all that likely, though...
  11. Tendencies for fluctuating workplace relationships too?
  12. Well I just think highlights are dumb. They're not "unkempt" or "egregious" and it really doesn't matter much. Short of a big face tattoo I'd say most anything goes these days.
  13. It's not about interviewers being conservative. It's about you making, ahem, style choices consistent with being a tool and/or douchebag. So... don't do it. One of my friends had highlights as an R1 and he was rightly taken to task for it.
  14. Well to be equally blunt, call is part of your life as a physician in most specialties. Patients get sick after regular business hours and in the middle of the night. You can certainly find a type of practice that has less and/or easier call (e.g. public health, some family med) but you will make less money. That's not to say I'd recommend having a practice where you're highly dependent on call for income, but you have to be available. And, really, the major way of ensuring quality of life while doing your share of call is to avoid specialties like general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and... you get the picture. But then it's always more reasonable in community practice. Yes I've had to go in at 2am to intubate a patient who's almost certainly not going to last another 24 hours, but so it goes. Most of the time I sleep through the night, while those consults after 6pm or on weekends are just that much gratifying when you understand call premiums. The bottom line is that you should expect to work if you want physician income. And work at sometimes strange hours. But not all the time.