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  1. Hello everyone! A reminder that this is for stats ONLY, discussion is in a separate thread. Time Stamp: Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: GPA: ECs: Decision (will you accept your offer)? Campus:
  2. Last year I got my email at 9:33am stating I was not chosen. Individuals that get accepted are normally emailed first, followed by the waitlisted individuals, followed by the unsuccessful people. The year before the email came in at 9:57am. We will all know in less than 22hours in my opinion. Here's hoping third times a charm!
  3. Time Stamp: 9:33am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Regrets GPA: 4.0 (3.91 + 0.2) ECs: various Sadly not my time....
  4. Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish good luck everyone interviewing in Thunder Bay this weekend!!!
  5. Timestamp: 9:28am, January 23rd, 2017 Interview: Yes! GPA: 3.91 + 0.2 (Masters) = 4.0 (using old calculation method) Context: From Greater Sudbury, Francophone and Metis ECs: Hospital volunteering, Big brother for big brother big sisters of Sudbury, and more! Non-trad: yes, 30 years old, married with kids # of previous applications: 2 Interview Location / Date / Time: Sudbury, Saturday April 1st, 2017, 1:15pm Lets hope this is my year!
  6. Thanks witchyjojo and HappyAndHopeful! Best of luck to the both of you!
  7. Bahaha! Lets hope this is both our year rural_roots! You deserve it for sure!
  8. Let's all hope for tomorrow. At first I was thinking about it... But now, I get home and the kids make me forget about it! The part that makes me most nervous is that my wife is expecting our third child, due Sept 2017.... All of you heard it first! Family and friends don't even know yet. lol
  9. Hey! I agree with Artier that you likely have a good shot for an interview. The 3.59 gpa isn't too bad. What are you doing in night school? Master's degree?
  10. My understanding is that all applications at Ontario Medical schools are a fresh start. I may be wrong. I always wished that OMSAS would keep data for one year like our transcripts. I costs me $80 a year in transcripts since I did a certificate that allowed me to be a visiting student a different universities. Oh well
  11. Hey MDwannabe02! I would use the SAM through OMSAS and submit them the information. I think you'll just need to submit the transcript to them. I never did it that way, but I am certain OMSAS will let you know. I'm still waiting on a transcript from an Ontario University. I checked with OMSAS and they said not to worry, that it could take a week or so. They're clearly still receiving some Ontario transcripts. crazyye!
  12. rainboots Did you personally send in your transcript from UNBC? All transcripts are supposed to be submitted directly from the university, and not the person applying. Just wondering as they may not accept it. I would follow-up with OMSAS asap confirming that it's been received, or look on the system. I'm certain if it shows as received you are in the clear.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about the transcripts showing as not received. They take time sometimes to update. Just make sure if it's one from outside of Ontario that you follow-up on it. OMSAS sends the requests to the Ontario schools, so if you submit your application on Saturday Oct 1st, they wouldn't get the Ontario transcripts for a good week or so. The most important is ensuring your 3 references have been completed.
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