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  1. NSMED

    Studying to be a good clerk

    Don't kill yourself studying material. It is great if you know how to do relevant histories and physical exams and being able to produce a short differential, and can display that you're doing some reading on your own time. Its best to be a keen student who residents and staff enjoy working with than the clerk that knows everything but doesn't get along well with others, doesn't do work that is asked of them, and has a bad attitude. Take every opportunity thats given to you within reason, even if it may be outside of your comfort zone. It will show that you're keen to learn/practice. In my experience, if I've said "I've never done that before but i would absolutely like to learn", my senior has taught me how to do it 100% of the time. Shadowing is not necessary. If you're worried about the OR, ask a classmate to show you how to scrub and BE NICE TO THE SCRUB NURSES. The OR nurses have bailed me out more than once and have always been happy to answer my questions about sterile technique because it means they won't have to replace equipment you contaminated because you didn't ask.
  2. NSMED

    Accepted 2019

    I know for a fact that letters won't be going out this week. Hold tight a little longer!
  3. Hello! Does anyone know what design program Sketchy Medicine uses? Thanks in advance
  4. NSMED

    Interview 2016 Chat

    I would;t look too much into verifiers being contacted. As far as I know, none of mine were contacted last year. One less thing to stress over
  5. NSMED

    Award Section

    Agreed. I guess it depends who you talk to in admissions, and if there are only 7 spots this year, I too would group it as one to make room for other entries. Their supplemental form is a work in progress- constantly changing.
  6. NSMED

    Award Section

    I put it in for every year. I was a multiple attempt applicant, and I found that when I grouped activities together my supplemental score suffered. The advice I was given by admissions was to make my accomplishments blatantly obvious; admissions doesn't have a good idea who you are other than what your application tells them. Why not lay it all out for them to easily see.
  7. I wouldn't go into it looking for prospective bird courses. You don't want to be bored to death and end up with a bad grade because you weren't actually interested in the course material. Look for electives that you're interested in; you'll do better in a class that holds your interest. I took a histology elective and ended up with the highest mark in the class. Was it an easy class? No, but because I was interested I got a great mark and effectively boosted my GPA that way. Of course, I know there are differing opinions on this topic, but that is my two cents. Good Luck .
  8. NSMED

    Date Speculation

    I was accepted this year and I haven't been involved in varsity sports AT ALL and for good reason. I joined a rec soccer league this past summer and dislocated my thumb in the first game... sports were never my forte! One thing that they told me 2 years ago is to get involved with something on a National level. For example, I am a gymnastics judge and this past year I earned eligibility status to judge national level competitions. I was told that they like to see applicants involved in their talents/hobbies at a high performance level, and although many applicants may achieve this through varsity sports, there are many other ways to do so!
  9. NS IP, Accepted! 4th time applicant (anyone who didn't make it this year, keep trying!!!!) GPA: 4.0 ish, can't remember MCAT: 30 ECs: I have been gradually building these up, as it is where I've been the weakest. 1 recent research pub and one more pending, 1.5 years employed in health research, 2 years of working in a medical lab, volunteering with several local organizations long term (if you have time, look into St. John Ambulance's VMR program. An AMAZING opportunity to practice hands on patient care http://www.ns.sjaresponder.ca/how-to-join), volunteering abroad (IVHQ has incredible healthcare volunteer programs), runner for 7ish years, gymnast for 10 years... I felt really great about my essay this year, and practiced for the interviews tirelessly with a few co-applicants. Congrats to everyone, and good luck to everyone re-applying. You'll make it!!
  10. NSMED

    Date Speculation

    In the past it has been an email with a link to your decision letter.
  11. NSMED


    I've had verifiers contacted the past 2 years, still not accepted. I think its random but who knows really.
  12. NSMED

    Interview Length

    From what I remember, I started at 11:15 last year and was out by 3 or 3:30
  13. NSMED

    Good Luck, 2:30Pm Casper Writers!

    I also found it more enjoyable than last year... still found I was running out of time though. Fast thinker, slow typer.
  14. Well, it is too late now but if you did not compete for the opportunity to publish or present at a conference I would just put "none" for competition. As for qualifications I would briefly describe why I was selected / given the opportunity to do either of these, Ex. honours project, research assistant, etc.
  15. NSMED

    urgent ,Transcript

    DalOnline, where you applied. I believe it is under the "admissions" tab.