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  1. SunAndMoon

    How to improve weak ECs?

    Your ECs are not weak tho lol
  2. SunAndMoon

    First Aid, Pathoma

    I found pathoma to be excellent and very useful in consolidating information in a concise yet detailed way. First Aid not so much, but if you're planning on taking the USMLE, it's still a good idea to follow with it. It's not that time consuming
  3. Can you confirm that the VIP account fee is also waived for 4 years for pre-existing customers?
  4. SunAndMoon

    Physician political orientation

    True true, don't let these useless online arguments stop you from packing up, wouldn't want you to miss your flight to Calgary!
  5. Hello. What is the best college to go for McGill pre med? Dawson or Vanier? And the nex question: the best of these two vs Marianopolis, Thanks

  6. I generally agree with the notion that doctors shouldn't see their incomes lowered, but this right here is ridiculous. What a sheltered life you must've lived to think that this is people's reality, and that their current difficulties (or lack of financial success) is necessarily due to previous years of partying and travelling to the Caribbean having the time of their life [while you were slaving away at the lab or the library].
  7. SunAndMoon

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Typically reasons for WL mvt: 1. People choosing other schools 2. Deferrals 3. Med-Ps not moving on to Med-1 (not as significant as 1&2) For deferrals, some people do decide at the very last minute so it's still possible that a few spots will be given by the 15th. After the 15th, it typically does not move or only moves by 1...
  8. BS - the iPad is this year. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with reps being either ignorant or blatantly lying to customers
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Check your pm whenever you can pls
  10. For pre-existing RBC customers: have you had issues with regards to the VIP account fees after 1 year? I was told I can only be given one year for free.
  11. SunAndMoon

    3.7 GPA

    You have to be strategic. You don't need to improvee your GPA for McGill, but it would help. If you're also applying to other schools, your GPA is likely too low. A master's degree rarely helps you get into med, and when it does, it is only marginal. That being said, depending on what specialty you're into and its leveel of competitiveness, it can sometimes be helpful to have a grad degree, but that's another story...
  12. If money isn't a serious issue, I'd book a September spot and pay the rescheduling fee should a better option arise! I've done that where I took it Where are you btw? Have you looked at nearby cities?
  13. People will cancel - check often.