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  1. SunAndMoon

    Physician political orientation

    Is that why I said that they don't believe in anything? Because they don't vote the way I want them to? What I said is that they don't vote according to their own beliefs, which indicates that they don't really care much about those beliefs. I stand by that. Donating a few dollars to ease one's conscience won't really change that.
  2. SunAndMoon

    Physician political orientation

    Yeah you don't actually believe in anything, I just want to make sure you're aware of that and accept that fact.
  3. SunAndMoon

    Physician political orientation

    ?????? you realize their "beliefs" impact policymaking, right? That's ok to you, as long as you know you don't hate the gays, the brown neighbors and you have some sense of assurance that lifestyle won't be potentially threatened?
  4. SunAndMoon

    Venting about GPA conversion

    Apply to schools that will take into account extenuating circumstances
  5. SunAndMoon

    LoC refused, advice??

    What?? You're a Canadian/PR accepted to a Canadian med school, right? Half the med students in Quebec come out of Cegep and a good chunk of those don't have a credit history. They still got one. Shop around man, it's TD's loss.
  6. SunAndMoon

    Physician political orientation

    You are so brave, brother. MAGA!!
  7. I was told the grace period was 12 months by the advisor I spoke to a few weeks ago. Is this a recent change?
  8. RBC doesn't waive after med school @genemed
  9. SunAndMoon

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    My impression of the movement patterns is that it significantly slowed down after the deferral deadline. I believe that for 2016, it had not moved from end of June as well and then moved by 1 in August (someone withdrew due to unforeseen circumstances or got off the waitlist at a school they preferred over McGill).
  10. It's the interview but with stats like yours you don't even need to go overboard with the prepping. Just improve on the basics - know your CV inside and out, be able to talk about all of them and reflect on them in terms of failures, difficulties, challenges, accomplishments, etc. Speak in a structured manner (the STARR technique helps a lot). Be able to take a stance on something but show both sides of the issue, their strengths and weaknesses. For acting stations, use active listening. Remain non-judgmental, get people to open up at first by inquiring about their situation, reflect and reformulate to make sure you're on the same page, identify the key issue, then delve into alternative solutions with them, always involving them in the decision-making process, etc. etc. This is pretty basic and I'm sure you can develop on those by looking through the forum or online but I really think that's all you need to do and you can definitely improve on those based on your stats because it's clear this is what held you back. On the bright side, this isn't too hard to do and, if you do it, I'm fairly confident you'll be great for next year!
  11. SunAndMoon

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    For the IP I know for a fact the last wave was around the last week of June - I just asked. This year is not like the previous years at all so you never know...I would definitely stay hopeful rn but guys do prepare for next year if you have any pre-reqs to take or things of the sort
  12. SunAndMoon

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Oh really sorry about that! Was it last year then that it stopped moving relatively early? I may have gotten my months mixed up. Really rooting for you guys, I still keep checking haha
  13. SunAndMoon

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    That was in June :/
  14. SunAndMoon

    The CURE to MCAT Pains

    yeah guys totally recommend this - it also cured my hepatitis and helped me find true love!