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  1. You never know man I just had to be safe there
  2. Don't, it's a quote from The Office
  3. Are you in town? If so I'd recommend dropping by then sending an email follow-up to have it in writing. I don't know how rigorously the Faculty of Med follows the Course Equivalency System. I wouldn't want to mislead you but I think they are significantly less strict than that. Another option you have is going through Athabasca.
  4. Smile but under no circumstances should you show teeth. Showing one's teeth is a submission signal in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for its life.
  5. Yeaaaaaaah no, none of that is true. Personne n'impose quoi que ce soit a quiconque. McGill est une bonne faculte pour des gens un peu plus ages. Xanoreem, pour ce qui est de ta situation, tu dois faire tes cours de science prerequis et probablement faire un bacc avant de rentrer. C'est vrai que tu serais un des plus ages par contre et que c'est un long parcours. Donc autant pour toi que pour le comite d'admissions, il serait peut etre important d'avoir des motifs plus approfondis que "pourquoi pas"
  6. McGill donne pas les points non plus. questions do get taken off and i think that is the norm
  7. u are talking to a bot
  8. They see everything you've uploaded but they'll definitely only consider the most recent one.
  9. Good luck! And congrats on turning it around
  10. Submit them. You can still make it in schools that look at latest undergrad, 2y, 3y, etc. If you get caught you are absolutely done. In terms of fairness it's also a really shitty thing to do. I've failed a class, I've gotten a whole bunch of C's, still ended up getting in.
  11. yes they look at them competitively post-intw
  12. Completely agree with HappyAndHopeful. Don't worry too much about it, talk to your verifier, and admissions staff are humans too, fully capable of understanding and using their judgment. Good luck