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  1. si t'ameliores pas tes notes tu risques de finir sans-abri
  2. Yes! Practice with friends who are applying/in med and give each other feedback (with regards to content, structure, communication style). There is no paid online resource that will give you any real advantage IMO. If you go to McGill, I heard CaPS actually organizes mock MMIs which I was told were fairly good.
  3. Oh wow. That being said, that's CaPS, not the faculty, nor "McGill" really. I suppose they are entitled to their opinion...Having seen what MedCoach is about I believe they are absolutely useless and no point in investing $ in them. I personally think they are not worth it at all. Their videos/scenarios are overly simplistic, the advice is average to downright terrible...
  4. Where does McGill suggest med coach? Lol
  5. I would get ahead of it and contact admissions to clear that up.
  6. ^ mon gars tu viens de te comparer à MLK et de low-key menacer un kid sur un forum.... déconnecte un peu d'Internet
  7. You know your data is BS when your inquiry as to why people want to be doctors includes ONLY the following choices: - be a leader and make money - help and make money - following on the footsteps of mom and dad - help even if i had to volunteer Obviously the majority of participants will pick something that will lead you to "conclude" that they "are extrinsically motivated to pursue medicine by status, financial gain, or family tradition". Your survey is ridiculously flawed.
  8. ^ No - if they do a second undergrad in sci (granted that their first one was also in sci) it could take them 2y to complete it entirely. OP, focus on ur second ug and retake lowest prereqs in the summer (unless your recommended courses are excellent).
  9. I'm actually at McGill my friend Hope Western is going well for you
  10. You have a non-negligible shot with weighing formulas or with a solid MCAT. If that doesn't work out, do a second undergrad. If that doesn't work out, try again while considering alternative careers. If that doesn't work out, go carib and try to make it back to US/Canada. If that doesn't work out, you're left with an insane debt you can't possibly pay back.
  11. Depending on your GPA and programs, admission to the French schools may be possible although extremely difficult. McGill totally achievable with a 2nd UG, there's quite a few ppl every year who make it. Get your 45 credits by time of application, do well, make sure your prereqs arent expiring and apply on your final year
  12. Hey, I remember you from last cycle! Good luck man Hope it all works out this year!!
  13. If you're aiming for McGill, the undergrad you choose will have no impact on your chances of getting accepted. The only two factors you'd need to consider is your interest and relative difficulty of the program. The French schools do discriminate based on the program however. PT and other professional programs have an advantage. I suggest you look that up or ask on their forums to see what's best.
  14. You'll be fine! I had two and spoke to admissions at a couple of schools and they told me it didn't matter as long as it wasn't a recurrent pattern (ie., every semester), in which case it could raise some questions.
  15. Put francophones at a disadvantage. Removing it allowed more ppl to apply, making entry more competitive for IP applicants.
  16. Absolutely no way to tell at all
  17. I would call them tomorrow. I've gotten WL for INTW once and it was sent to me on the same day. As far as I can remember they have always sent all answers all at once
  18. Prends le truc avec le meilleur IFG tt simplement. Biomed c'est relax je comprends pas trop sa reputation de programme ultra-difficile. Comme l'a dit DMDOneDay evite bio cell, ce cours est ridicule.
  19. What the hell?????????? What's the deferral policy at your school if you got in but don't "feel ready" to begin? You should 100% attend your interview, for practice and exposure (as someone already mentioned) AND for a shot at getting accepted. It seems to me you do not give yourself enough credit or have confidence issues. Clearly you have done enough to get an interview, so both your experiences and grades are good enough. It's just a matter of talking about those experiences now. Preparation does not need to be THAT extensive. You can practice for months and sound like a robot. Unless you have some severe communication issues I would not think that you could not prepare enough to perform sufficiently well within a short timeframe. As to your age, you'll quickly see that a significant proportion of your class will be your age or older. Don't throw away a chance at it. I too had a cycle like that a couple of years ago but I went anyway. I didn't get in, I was disappointed even though I didn't believe in my chances, but the experience was good and I got in at your age. There's clearly a lot of things going on right now in your life and they do not seem like they are easy to handle for you at the moment, but I think your emotions might be clouding your judgment a bit. If you haven't cancelled your application yet, GO to your interview.
  20. what does that mean?
  21. Plenty of people come in with rudimentary french. If you're putting in the work right now you will be more than fine coming in