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  1. A letter of extenuating circumstances is not supposed to harm you in any way. It can only help. That being said your grades are too low and the advice you have gotten on here is good. You should do another undergrad. Even with excellent grades, admission to med school in Canada as an international is extremely difficult. Are you a permanent resident?
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    GPA Question

    B for sure
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    Athabasca prereq

    Home labs are 100% accepted.
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    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Expect significant movements all the way up to approximately mid-June if it follows similar patterns to previous years. After that it usually does not move by much in the IP category...
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    As someone who has had to apply multiple times to get in, I understand and feel the pain that all of you are feeling. There are tons of people at McGill who have gotten in on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th shots with similar number of interviews. Do not give up. The ranks will give you a clearer picture about how your performance was evaluated. There is subjectivity in that, but it will provide clues as to what you need to do. I cannot stress enough the importance of your pre-req GPA. Retake courses if you need to, aim for the highest GPA possible. MMI scores can be relatively homogenous, if they aim for a bell curve that means that a large percentage of those admitted got in by very little, and by the same logic many of you were rejected by very little. The pre-req GPA is the easiest thing to control. As to the MMI, sit down and think carefully about what happened, about how you came across, about what you would like to have done better, but also what you did well. Before you do that, wait for the emotions to sink in and try to look at things coldly and analytically. Some stations lend themselves particularly well to this type of analysis, others are more subject to interpretation. Other than that, the process unfortunately involves luck. It's possible that with the same performance, you would've made it last year, or you'll make it next year. Keep that in mind and don't blame too much, but you have no choice to trust the process. I've followed the posts a little bit, and I look forward to see a lot of you join the faculty in the upcoming years.
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    That is true, but the question was not "Do people get in without labs?" It was "Do you need labs?" As per the admissions website the answer to that question could not be clearer. I know someone who got in with the Bac 120 courses too, but when it came time for me to redo my prereqs Admissions were clear that I was not to take those and that they would not be admissible. I wouldn't risk it at all if I were an applicant.
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    You need labs
  8. Yeah fair - I've never had to follow DMD answers, just went off my recollection of when I got my answer vs friends
  9. I believe McGill Dent follows their target date consistently (not 100% sure), whereas Med is typically ahead of schedule.
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    Compelling argument - I hope you have fun at UofT med!
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    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

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    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    No, WL ranks were released approx a month after the decisions came out
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    Written portion

    I don't remember if I signed an NDA so I will assume that I did, but honestly you REALLY don't need to worry about this portion. As to length, it wasn't very long, something like half an hour?
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    Feeling discouraged

    Manage your time better, keep a good balance, don't be afraid to take a day off if you need it, don't listen to the crazy type As that make it sound like a freaking war or like you're climbing the Everest but keep working as hard as you can. I'm in med not in dent but honestly I find that getting in is the hard part.
  15. There's really no need to freak out if your pre-req GPA is in that range (higher than B+ or right on it). Your interview will be the determining factor, as SMT has essentially said.
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    Option 2 combinations

    They are very strict with regards to substitutions of this nature
  17. Understandable and agreed except for the idea that his disbarment is, by itself, a sufficient argument not to report something (what is worse: a lawyer getting disbarred or children being sold drugs? Obviously more information needed (what kind of drugs? how would this influence attorney-client relationship?) before answering this question but the idea is that nothing is simple if you're only looking at it from a purely ethical standpoint). For the MMI scenario, you are often unable to fully explain or describe your thought process or analysis when it is an acting station. It would be much easier to address in a 1v1 or panel.
  18. It's really hard for me to give you an answer in the specific context for which you ask the question: ie., something that you are evaluated on in an MMI (for instance). In real life, I would not tell. In the MMIs, I am not sure what they are trying to get you to say, but it seems like a variant of "your friend cheated on an exam". Some variants that some schools may like to put on their MMIs are far too extreme, ridiculous, irrelevant to a future medical practice, and really hard to evaluate. There is no easy or straightforward answer and both points can be defensible (however I feel like they want to see someone who would lean towards reporting, as disgusting as it is in certain contexts). I agree with you until your arbitrary differentiation based on your witnessing or not an illegal or immoral act - this does not change anything about the act and whether it is the kind of act that is right to be reported or not, which is imo a crucial point here. I understand that you may be less of a snitch (sorry - lack of a better word here as the situation some interviewers put you in essentially ask you to be a snitch, or refuse to be one) if you report something you accidentally witnessed as opposed to actively looking for things to report, but in some situations, you can still be blameworthy and responsible for the negative consequences of the reporting of something that is not "that bad", especially if those consequences are greatly out of proportion with the act that you are reporting. In other words these scenarios are extremely heavy, strongly depend on values, may be asking of you to consider different courses but ultimately require you to blindly follow rules (my hypothesis, have never been on admissions committee), are too complex for any medical school interview. As to your example of the lawyer, this is exactly why i think that abiding by professional deontology/laws is the substitution of your own ethical decision making for a set of rules. This person, IMO, had two choices: (a) Consider that privileged communication is paramount to the profession of law, and therefore accept that he cannot report anything a client says and that moral imperative trumps all other moral imperatives. (b) That, in this context, his professional moral imperative is an obstacle to preserving children of a serious danger, and report it to the police (and risk consequences to his career or even disbarment), or report it anonymously somehow. I don't think this is going to be a popular opinion but it's my opinion...
  19. Right - in this case the assumption is debatable, and if we agree to make that assumption we would have to discuss the harms of reporting the tax evader and whether those harms are disproportionate (a corporation or a billionaire evading taxes =/= your low-to-middle class neighbor). What I was trying to point out, and this applies both to the situation I described and yours, is that by relying on an obligation or duty to report, you simply reject any form of thinking about the ethics of a situation and defer to the obligation. It's basically just a cop out
  20. An absolutely horrible ethical justification that would shield you from moral blame in any state/law-backed immoral act. Do you think those who denounced Jews so the Germans could come pick them up were morally right because of their "responsibility and duty to report"?
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    Thoughts post-interview?

    ^ You should delete that post @guest2017 edit: by this i do not mean to say or imply that you revealed any type of information inappropriately - just that, in my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry
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    Thoughts post-interview?

    DW i had plenty of stations i did not get to resolve either. Ideally you'd be great with the actor and resolve the situation (if the script even allows for that), but time is limited and imo it is important not to rush into things and take your time with the actor