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    SunAndMoon reacted to Monkey D. Luffy in Physician political orientation   
    Your attempt at appeal to ridicule accomplishes nothing. His point is valid.
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    SunAndMoon reacted to ralk in Disappointing summer research experience (med student)   
    Yeah, that's a tough spot. Polite persistence is what I would recommend. Be direct in asking what you're looking for, whether that's a chance to get further into the research project or clinical opportunities. Often these preceptors won't say "no" to any requests, but will try to string you along with vague promises or by saying they'd like to but can't for whatever reason. They want you to keep working for them. Just keep asking. They can't take you along with them in clinic? That's fine, do they have a colleague who would be willing? They'd love to go over your research questions but never sit down to do it? Ask when, provide times. None of those times work? Give a bunch more. Get them to set timelines and firm commitments. When they go past their timelines to get back to you, send them another message reminding them of your earlier discussion. Do it politely, do it respectfully, and don't do it excessively (for example, if they ask for a week to get back to you, give them at least that week), but do it persistently.
    Don't avoid being a nuisance, just be a reasonable nuisance. My first real research supervisor was an incredibly busy person who was upfront about telling me to annoy them. Best research advice I ever got. It is a bit of a balancing act, as it's possible to go to far, but doing nothing gets you ignored. Keep holding up your half of the deal (do the scut work and do it well) while gently pushing them do hold up their implicit end of it. If in doubt, start slow and ramp up as necessary.
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    SunAndMoon reacted to YASMED in 2018 Waitlist Discussions   
    YESSSSS I don't know what to doooooo! i am so happyyyyyyyy. thanks everyone here for their supports!!!! u guys were really helpful. I just pray for others who are still in the waitlist. hope they get in too.
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from genemed in RBC Vs Scotiabank LOC   
    RBC doesn't waive after med school @genemed
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    SunAndMoon reacted to member_225 in Law school graduate to dentistry?   
    Can we ban Dubdubdub, Lord Denning and Wagon Mound, they are obviously the same person and trolling..thanks
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    SunAndMoon reacted to malkynn in Law school graduate to dentistry?   
    Who can afford both law school and dental school???
    That sounds like an absolutely terrible, terrible combination of investments. You would be better off just investing the equivalent cost of dental school, working a low stress job for 30 years and letting that sum grow until you retire.
    There are so many amazing careers out there. For the love of god, don’t completely throw away one professional education for the sake of a completely unrelated professional career in an industry that’s hurting. I literally can’t emphasize enough how bad a strategic move that is.
    I can’t even begin to comment on choosing dentistry as a back-up, second thought, “oh I guess I’ll become a dentist instead” kind of career decision.
    At very least, look into something that has transfereable skills and allows you to put your law degree to use in some way. Dentistry is one of the few fields where knowledge of law is close to useless. 
    If disliking law has you considering something as insane as dental school then I feel like you have done virtually no research into what your career options are because literally almost every other option is better. 
    ETA: or this could just be a troll thread, but whatevs
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    SunAndMoon reacted to GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Stay tuned next week for news - looks like Friday of next week.
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from jtown in 2018 Waitlist Discussions   
    My impression of the movement patterns is that it significantly slowed down after the deferral deadline. I believe that for 2016, it had not moved from end of June as well and then moved by 1 in August (someone withdrew due to unforeseen circumstances or got off the waitlist at a school they preferred over McGill).
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    SunAndMoon reacted to tere in Medical Student v.s. MD Candidate   
    I agree with the preceding two posters and also don't add a formal signature at this point, but to each his/her own.  Used in the right context, formal signatures can add to increase  professionalism, but as a student, I think there's not much gain, except in maybe very particular situations.  
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    SunAndMoon reacted to sangria in Medical Student v.s. MD Candidate   
    Personally, I don't think we need a signature at the med student stage.
    Being this far down on the totem pole, nobody we are emailing professionally is going to be confused about or much care that we are a "MD candidate". In the body of the email, you will introduce yourself as a medical student at whatever level of training and from which school. That should suffice.
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    SunAndMoon reacted to M2/4 in Medical Student v.s. MD Candidate   
    Is it the norm to have a signature as a medical student (or only in extremely formal e-mails)? I always sign off with my first name. 
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from YASMED in 2018 Waitlist Discussions   
    Oh really sorry about that! Was it last year then that it stopped moving relatively early? I may have gotten my months mixed up. Really rooting for you guys, I still keep checking haha
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    SunAndMoon reacted to ralk in Disappointed I'm Going to Windsor   
    I think that rationale works for residency, but not for medical school. Larger centres have more responsibility for rarer or more unique cases, but these cases aren't high-yield learning cases at the medical student level, where the focus is still rightfully on the bread-and-butter cases. Furthermore, at larger centres, there are far more learners ahead of you in the form of residents and fellows for those unique cases. To the extent a medical student might get more variety of cases in a larger centre, it's by sitting in a corner behind the 4 other people in the room. Meanwhile the student at the smaller centre is learning the important day-to-day cases directly with a staff person, maybe with a single resident ahead of them at worst.
    To the extent getting into those rarer cases matters, it's during electives, which can be done anywhere regardless of home site. Clerkship is about getting the basics down. No one cares if you can correctly identify a rare genetic disorder that a sub-specialist sees once in their career if you can't read an ECG, or have a good differential for abdominal pain, or treat a COPD exacerbation. The weird stuff is for residency and fellowships.
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    SunAndMoon reacted to Bambi in I'm done   
    I don’t quite understand what you are saying. During my 2 week elective, the attending saw my work, and encouraged me to apply for the residency spot. Without his encouragement, I never would have thought of applying. From his viewpoint, it was merit based. My one fail, when I had to rewrite, was irrelevant to anything. Then, 40 of us were interviewed for 3 spots. The normal interview lasted 45 minutes, mine lasted only 10 minutes. I had no contacts. The 6 members of the panel unanimously selected me. They had my complete file and asked whatever they wished. They determined that I was a good fit, and I am. What do you mean by merit based. The selection process is part art. 
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    SunAndMoon reacted to FreddyHeff in Med 2018   
    Je vais me faire l'avocat du diable pour un instant, mais je vais aussi prendre le parti de ceux et celles qui disent que des précisions claires sont importantes!
    Par le passé, lorsque le TAMUS était toujours présent (test d'admission en plus des MEMs), il arrivait que si le dossier était très fort et que l'une ou l'autre des 2 parties discordaient (TAMUS très fort mais MEMs faibles ou vice versa), une entrevue typique (one on one) pouvait être faite avec des candidats (j'en connais 3 à qui cela s'est produit). Donc il n'est pas impossible, j'imagine, que Cote R, ait eu une entrevue, si par exemple le 2/3 des stations étaient hyper bien réussies et le 1/3 manquées, ce qui peut semer un doute pour ceux qui évaluent les dossiers.
    Par contre, oui, sur ce type de forum, pour aider ceux et celles qui veulent accéder à médecine et aux autres programmes (tsire, il y a une vie agréable pour les autres professionnels, j'en suis la preuve ayant choisi la physio malgré avoir été accepté en médecine en 2014... ça existe!!), il faut être clairs sur ce qu'on PEUT dire (il y a des trucs confidentiels qu'on ne doit divulguer hélas... c'est la vie!).
    Bienvenue à l'UdS pour les heureux et heureuses élues, peu importe votre programme! Vous risquez de me côtoyer car je prends des stagiaires en médecine autant qu'en physio (vos demies journées d'observation des autres professions si vous vous demandez pourquoi un physio prend des stagiaires en médecine!)
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    SunAndMoon reacted to Snowmen in This may be a silly question, but is it ever possible to transfer medical school or to apply to a different medical school?   
    Perhaps "law" wasn't exactly the right word but per Sherbrooke University's FAQ, the ministerial order that determines how many spots are available each year contains this rule/law/whatever it technically is. I just checked and it's actually 7 years now.
    "Selon la Politique triennale en vigueur statuant sur les nouvelles inscriptions dans les programmes de doctorat en médecine au Québec, « une personne ne peut être admise et comptabilisée qu’une seule fois dans les nouvelles inscriptions sur une période de 7 ans à partir de la date de la première inscription au doctorat en médecine »."
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from friedchickendudeMD in First Aid, Pathoma   
    I found pathoma to be excellent and very useful in consolidating information in a concise yet detailed way. First Aid not so much, but if you're planning on taking the USMLE, it's still a good idea to follow with it. It's not that time consuming
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    SunAndMoon reacted to catlady403 in I need advice. Write the MCAT again or apply to McMaster only.. which is my #1 choice?   
    It’s totally possible. I scored nearly the same as you on the MCAT. I have a social work background so I basically wrote the MCAT just for the CARS score and did my best in the other sections, making educated guesses. I scored 129 on CARS, 130 on psych, and like you, lower in the science sections. I think my GPA for Mac was 3.81.
    I applied only to Calgary and McMaster and was accepted to both schools. I was considered IP for both locations due to growing up in Ontario (undergrad at Western) and then living in Calgary now.
    Some would advise against my approach to getting into med school because it’s more limited for options and a poor overall MCAT might be a detriment for other schools. However, it worked for me and if it’s something you’re considering I wanted you to know it’s possible.
    If you do decide to go this route, my recommendation would be to begin preparing for the interview early. 3.84 and 129 CARS, along with a good casper, is more than enough. Mac weighs the interview at 70% so honestly once you have the interview offer that’s far more important than your GPA or CARS in determining whether you get in. 
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    SunAndMoon reacted to ScotiabankMedsAdvisor in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Not to mention the full suite of travel insurances.  No premium on foreign currency transactions and 6 free lounge visits.  The redemption options are also way more flexible than most travel cards.  They can be redeemed for any travel purchase as long as you pay for it on the card.  This can be a hotel, flight, rental car, all inclusive resort.  These can also be booked through any booking site.
    Also the fees are waived on both cards as part of the plan for the duration of school, residency/fellowship & grace period.  Not to mention they continue to be waived after the grace period if you set up the professional plan.
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    SunAndMoon reacted to yellowrose in Doug Ford & OPC clinches majority government...   
    Ontario just elected a person without a costed platform, that ran on empty platitudes. So who knows. I doubt if, even, Doug Ford can tell you. Atleaset, we get 1 dollar beer. 
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    SunAndMoon reacted to rmorelan in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Ha, you are keeping us in suspense! 
    I am still trying to organize a central place to store all the facts about the LOCs on the forum to make things clearer. Post exam I will try to pull every thing there. 
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from Focused in Admission Médecine 2017   
    They don't look at identical GPAs differently. As far as I know all canadian schools except for the French schools and McGill look at GPA the same way independently of your program or your school. They do, however, consider standardized tests as well. If your GPA was from a significantly easier program, or a significantly lower-tier institution, you might find the MCAT to be a significant hurdle. I think that's fair.
    As I am sure you agree, the very possibility to be f*cked by virtue of your program is insane. Comparing between, say, pharmacy and biology could tell us that one is harder than the other. By how much? And then how do you compare biology and molecular biology? Biology to physiology? Physiology to political science? Poli sci to philosophy? Philosophy to hard sciences?... You get the point. 
    People advocating for this kind of system always try to compare extremes to prove their point. They also tend to say that, somehow, through no experience of their own, they can say with quasi-certainty that their undergraduate is indisputably harder than a non-hard sciences degree. 
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from solembur in Family Medicine in Alberta vs. Ontario - can someone provide info?   
    I generally agree with the notion that doctors shouldn't see their incomes lowered, but this right here is ridiculous. What a sheltered life you must've lived to think that this is people's reality, and that their current difficulties (or lack of financial success) is necessarily due to previous years of partying and travelling to the Caribbean having the time of their life [while you were slaving away at the lab or the library].
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    SunAndMoon got a reaction from Focused in Admission Médecine 2017   
    There is probably a part of that as well.
    The application process unintentionally exceptionalizes the applicant gradually. From asking him to talk himself up, to calling him up to an interview, thereby validating his academic and experiential superiority over other applicants (and, by extension, non-applicants or people applying for other healthcare professions), and then telling him how excellent he is on interview day, and then finally accepting him on the basis of his MMI, to which he may naively conclude that not only he is (a) academically superior, ( has achieved more, but he is also © morally better. He's basically a better human being. 
    This is obviously not a judgment on all medical students, and most likely not even most. It is also an exaggeration to try and get my point across. I think the profession itself attracts a certain set of personalities, but the application process kind of amplifies certain bad aspects of it. I hope I won't offend anyone by this, I'm not trying to do that.