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  1. I'm gluten intolerant (also have allergy to wheat)
  2. I could use a tasty gluten-free pizza.
  3. In October of 2012, Montreal was devastated by a terrifying Earthquake. The pic below perfectly shows the unbelievable scars that the unparalled natural disaster left on the city of Montreal: Last time I checked, the chair was STILL down... : /
  4. I did surgery on a teddy bear on something when I was 12. I win. You're right. You have to graduate from residency to perform surgeries. Some premed and med students may have scrubbed in and assist, but a solo operation? Not a chance.
  5. I believe the word autopsy is more appropriate lol
  6. Haven't had a cat in four years lol. And yes, I play games.
  7. I never knew so many PreMeds/MDs were into gaming.
  8. Where are you? lol

  9. So Dazzle made it, eh? That's nice. Maybe he'll stop treating every single member of this board as beneath him...
  10. For about 15 months, I was taking a minimal dose of Synthroid (0.0125MG). When I had it renewwed last December, I started getting all kinds of symptoms ("hyper" feel, for one. ). After checking out the medication carefully, I noticed that the dose is double of what I actually take (0.025). The idiot doctor made a mistake! I've been two months at double dose, and to be honest, the side effects are freaking me out (thinning of bones, weight loss, teeth pain, hair loss,...). Thank God I realized the mistake before losing my hair. I've gone through hell in the past two months, and the hard part is ahead. I'm meeting with my endocrinologist this afternoon to see what can be done and when to start the new dose. **** incompetence.
  11. Citan


    Je pense qu'elle est un peu plus basse pour un candidat universitaire. Que tu sois étudiant à l'UQTR ou non ne change rien.
  12. Well there you have it. Still, the very fact of Dazzle pretending that certain premeds don't deserve to become doctors because of their choice of an easier program is presumptuous to say the least... With all due respect, dazzle, I sincerely hope you never become a doctor. sorry to say.
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