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  1. just matched - started interest in derm late 3rd year. words of wisdom: don't work hard, work smart. im sure i could have had a better dossier and more interviews - but i matched... most important factor is that the residents and staff like you and feel you would fit in
  2. basically...the better ones will actually go in some depth about what they're doing, lol
  3. or you can just email doctors, tell them you're interested in what they're doing, and ask them if they mind if you shadow them...that's what I did or next time you go to your doc, you can ask him/her if he/she knows of anyone that wouldn't mind having you shadow them
  4. nothing mjor...like 28-30. im rly not sure but i know its under 30.
  5. over 31 = in usually i say 31 because that's what it was back when i applied. have fun. you'll enjoy the program
  6. I'm sorry, but computers are run by people...If someone needs to get in, they will...whether there's a computer there or not. And anyone that believes that money can not get you in to whatever program you want (unless you're a complete fool and can't get anything above a C) is just unable to comprehend how the world works...
  7. Yeah you can do research in anything. It just depends what interests you. I find it easier to do research in the field you're actually studying in because a lot correlates and it makes it a little more interesting, but otherwise, reading a few extra papers on a matter will provide you with any extra info you would need to learn about that subject.
  8. Yeah of course it's possible. And if by some chance you don't get into the PhD program, you would still be considered for the MD as you have to be accepted into the MD program before they consider you for the PhD also. There are limited spots though (not sure how many). Personally though, I would recommend against this as the PhD is sort of a bastardized PhD that you're supposed to complete in 3 yrs...I would suggest doing a PhD separately if you really want to gain the most from it, but that's just my 2 cents on the matter. As for the ECs...I realized that I was lacking in that respect when I got a nice rejection after applying from CEGEP because I had zero ECs...so I basically started in the first summer of my Bachelors...and I got in. There is not much time but if you budget it properly and stay consistent you'll be fine. Other B.Sc. programs will offer you more free time, and depending on how you structure your bachelors (minor/major/major-minor/double major/honours/etc) the free time you have will differ. All the best.
  9. paper/essay writing depends more on if you take higher lvl courses like 400 but more 500 lvl courses. There are usually essays in those courses, but they are pretty easy...
  10. sorry about that...i thought we were talking just recently, not necessarily this year only
  11. I agree 99%. Everything is true except that if you have NO ECs whatsoever (or very few)...as good as your friggin grades are you will not get in. Just make sure you do something.... Other than that...do whatever you want! and just have fun, but be on top of ****.
  12. If you take anatomy 214 (i think) you get access to the mcgill cadaver lab. FYI I think there are other anatomy courses also (300 level) These are, of course, at McGill, not Concordia. I'd also like to mention that Anatomy is a pretty easy undergrad degree at McGill IMO (I didn't take it though, but I know what they teach)...and MANY many many of my classmates are from Anatomy...I'm actually surprised as to how many are from the program.
  13. I have. I got in (McGill med). It's actually a great program with quite a few correlations with what you will be learning in med. I went into the IHI program (interdepartmental honours in immunology - look it up) after 1 year and was taking other classes as well as some MIMM classes. I think this was a little more clinically relevant (course-wise) and required a lot of research which always looks good on your application. Think about the MCATs (I don't know, but I heard McGill doesn't require them anymore?...not sure) and think about doing well. Make sure you plan accordingly and stay on top of everything. Always pre-meditate every decision you take and make sure you relax too... I don't know what else there is to say without much of an igniting question...so if there's anything else specific you would like to ask, go ahead...i'll try and sign on a few more times. Best of luck.
  14. I don't know if this is stepping on anyone's foot...but to be honest, I don't really care much. Donations make things happen. It just depends if someone wants to use them to their benefit. Let me explain. If someone's parent(s) donate(s) a substantial amount to a school's medical program, at a strategic time, and then later calls them up and mentions to them that his/her son/daughter is applying...they would have quite a hard time denying their acceptance. I have no problem against 1- donations and 2- parents that donate to school programs their kids are applying to....BUT I do have a problem with parents that donate for the wrong reasons... It is up to the parent to ensure that his/her kid follows a righteous path and ensures their own acceptance into whatever program they want to enter...and not have a way in that others don't. It is also up to the admissions committee to graceously accept a donation but not necessarily see it as an indication of what to do, but I don't really see that ever hapenning. If I was admitted because of daddy's or mommy's money, I don't see myself feeling too happy with myself...and would basically not feel at home in medicine. That's another aspect, but I speak for myself and not others. I'm sure others can shrug that feeling off quite easily... I actually know of a story like this, but I don't want to get into details. I love the guy, but I don't appreciate how he entered the school he did. my 2 cents P.S. I don't really think that rich parents actually have that much to do with a kid getting accepted if they never donate or are in no way tied with the school (influence/rep/etc).
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