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  1. 2 cardiomegaly and Jamone: I expected that kind of sentiment. Every applicant past the cut-offs is hard–working and doesn’t take things for granted. “Non-traditional applicants”, as you put it, then have to work extra-hard and on top of that hope for luck that there won’t be a more equal applicant for that seat. I concede the med kids might be better prepared for both the interview and a med career in general by following their family role models, but I still find it amusing that the med kids should be more “relatively hard working, intelligent, and personable” than kids from other walks of life.
  2. Well... multiple cross-checks at the pharmacy of our university hospital didn't prevent 4 premature babies from getting insulin instead of heparin in their TPN.
  3. yep, that's what I was referring to. you're supposed to get 2-yr "current" residency for your past 10 yrs. So if you apply after having lived for 1 yr in SK now, you can pass as IP. Move! uni is alright here and unemploymnt is real low
  4. And the rules are much simpler if you're from SK - you don't have to be occupied by things people on this forum are into: volunteering, community involvement, school choices, MCAT, etc.
  5. I think the fewer reviewers there are, the more subjective the evaluation becomes. What can impress one reviewer might just be swept aside by another one.
  6. Well, if you can speak of your class, then you ARE a knowledgeable person. Thanks. This is the kind of first-hand answer I was looking for. Are there non-native English speakers in your or other years? Do you know how many reviewers are there per grad application?
  7. I think it's simpler than that: How many sets of eyes will see your file? - Two at best. What background would these two reviewers come from? - Most likely from life sciences. Would they care about other fields? - ....
  8. They only list average GPA here http://www.md.utoronto.ca/admissions/statistics.htm while MCAT (used only as a flag) has more elaborate statistics.
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