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  1. school interviewing at: Calgary specialty: Internal medicine current interview date: None scheduled at the moment due to conflict with other interviews date would like to switch to: Jan 14 any time any additional notes: Looking to book Calgary interview on Jan. 14th as the other 2 dates conflict with other interviews. Any time on the 14th is good (a few times slots on 18th and 21st still available!) Thank you! school interviewing at: Dalhousie specialty: Internal medicine current interview date: Jan. 28 at 4pm date would like to switch to: Jan 28 (earlier time), Jan. 30, or Feb 1
  2. Can anyone who has gone a GI elective in Calgary please comment on your experience? Thank you!
  3. newgirl


    I haven't yet!
  4. newgirl

    Waitlisters Unite

    Has the English stream waitlist started moving too?
  5. newgirl

    Waitlisters Unite

    And some people join multiple groups (I know of at least 1 person who had multiple offers and is in multiple FB groups). I don't think the FB group is a good indication
  6. newgirl

    Waitlisters Unite

    How do you know?
  7. newgirl

    Emails Are Out

    Does that mean every single person who wasn't accepted is waitlisted? Or are they sending out rejections too?
  8. newgirl

    Emails Are Out

    Maybe they just haven't sent out bad waitlist emails yet?
  9. newgirl

    Interview Questions

    yes. i was just wondering. but thanks
  10. newgirl

    Interview Questions

    does ottawa only ask you about the ECs that you indicated as your top 3 during the interview? or can they ask you about anything on your application, even if its not what you indicated as one of your top 3?