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  1. Thank you! I don't really understand on slide 37, it says under McGill for Summer courses GPA Exclusions, "Yes (“not looked upon favorably”)", does it mean that McGill WILL exclude Summer GPA, but it looks bad to them? Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, I am currently an undergraduate student at McGill. Provided that I carry a full course load in both Fall and Winter terms, if I also take courses during the summer term, will the GPA from summer courses be counted for admission to the MD program? Thank you for your time!
  3. Why is that? I thought these careers are among the best ones if you also factor in job security?
  4. People as med students currently in med school, or residents, or doctors? I think the general public doesn't care as much, this is what I felt. Well if they don't "okay", maybe there is a good reason? In that case I would want to know. For example, maybe it doesn't pay as well as we think? So you shouldn't get in for the money? Something like that...
  5. No of course not the sole reason. If it was the sole reason I think it's better to consider i-banking and such. But what if you start with money, like a list of well paid jobs - including dentists and docs. And then you look at job description - both doing meaningful stuff and helping patients with their lives or health. You think "not bad I would be fine doing that". I find that people don't like the idea that you started to consider medicine because of money. They want you to go into medicine because all you wanted for your whole life is to save lives, kind of thing - I'm exaggerating...
  6. I can certainly see that... But. hum. But it's a fact that we compensate doctors well, and they sure deserve it. Why is it not acceptable for students to want to get into this profession, partially or entirely, because it pays well?
  7. Right on Matti! This is the source of all my confusion lol. I can't decide whether I should pursue medicine because I certainly don't have the best/"right" intentions. But just because my intentions are not as pure, I can't be a good doctor? Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't I still be satisfied and happy because I'm improving people's health (doing meaningful things) with job security and good pay cheques?
  8. General dentists maybe, but I think my relationship with my orthodontist is closer to my family doctor xD. Like I used to see him at least once per month! Family doctor not nearly as many times.
  9. WTH really? Do family docs earn that much??? Wait that's before tax right? and overheads and such?
  10. I'm just a bit curious, people seem to tolerate the idea of going into dentistry for money more than medicine. I used quotation marks because maybe it is not, but I'm having a false impression? What do you think?
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