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  1. Scorbix

    USask MPT

    I've completed my MPT and am now completing my MD, so I'm happy to offer any insight into this beyond your initial question. Regarding your question, a 90%+ average is more than sufficient. The mean average of accepted applicants can usually be found online, and should give you an idea as to how competitive you might be - thanks!
  2. Scorbix

    PT Dress Code

    Dress what you're comfortable in; you're simply going to a lecture like any other.
  3. Scorbix

    USask Med vs UManitoba med

    I'd suggest reading this thread, as someone has been in your situation already: As a U of S student myself, I can only comment on Saskatoon/Regina, but my learning experiences have been wonderful so far. Great cities and great staff/doctors to learn from.
  4. Scorbix

    Clerkship resources

    Can someone please explain UWorld to me a little more? I see that there are different "types" of UWorld, and I am wondering which one (Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS) is most appropriate for clerkship rotation studying? I would assume Step 2 CK is the one that students use, but I just want some clarification before I go spending a few hundred dollars - thanks!
  5. As I recall, orientation packages came out in the middle of July, so you should be receiving something within the next week or two. With regards to your concern about schedule, Koopatroopa is bang-on with the on45 schedule posted above. That is essentially what your year will look like. Generally speaking, you should expect to have classes on most days from 8:30-16:30, with the exception of two half-days off (on average) per week to accommodate clinical skills sessions.
  6. Scorbix

    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    They're red this year. Interestingly, on their instagram beforehand, the backpack in the location of the red one was lit up, which kind of gave it away for me. Nice colour, though!
  7. Scorbix

    How is everyone doing?

    Good luck to everyone today! I remember how stressful it was to be in your position a couple years ago, but it is well worth the wait - hope to meet you all in the fall or over the year!
  8. Hi zeja02, I can understand why you'd be concerned since a lot of people who want to go into medicine might not get to experience a lot of the things that other students get to do more regularly. Fear not, though! I just wrapped up my first term of second year, and I can promise you that there is plenty of time for socializing and spending time with all the friends you'll have in medicine. I would say that medicine is not the "cut-throat" environment that "pre-med" can be; all of my classmates are incredibly collegial and there are always people going above and beyond to help one another do well. One certainly needs to be organized and keep up with things, but I can very easily manage the work load and still have time to do things that I enjoy such as going to the gym four times a week, cooking meals for myself every night, and extra-curricular soccer and basketball with classmates and clerks.
  9. It's been a number of years since I took PHPY classes, but from what I do remember PHPY 404 and 405 were the most enjoyable for me. I also did not take 401 and 402; 403 I found to be difficult, but there were a great deal of people who did very well in that class -- it all comes down to work ethic. 405, when I took it, was taught by one of the professors that teaches the two pharmacology 300-level courses, so his questions were similar to that course. If you're looking for courses that will aid in the transition from PHPY to medicine, I personally feel 404 and 405 would help you the most in establishing a solid background. Ultimately, it's what you enjoy the most; I'm biased towards neuro and cardio physiology and pharmacology.
  10. Scorbix

    Politeness / A$$ Kissing

    Having interviewed applicants for other professional programs other than medicine, I can tell you straight up that being overly polite or saying things that have been mentioned above (regarding being overly polite) will get you nothing but an eye roll; it does not do you any good. You are being assessed on your ability to think critically, analyze a question, and adequately articulate your thoughts to the assessor. A simple "Hello, my name is [x], nice to meet you" at the beginning will do you just fine. If you'd like, a "thank-you for your time" at the end is also appropriate. Anything else is overkill.
  11. Scorbix

    2017 Backpack?

    I think you're completely missing the point, @MountainAmboeba. No one is saying that the issues Indigenous people face isn't important. This thread is made to speculate the colour of a backpack. That's it. Trying to make the colour of a backpack relate in some way to Canada's history is trying to start conflict when there shouldn't be. If someone wants to talk about Canadian history, take it somewhere more appropriate. End of story. As for the safe space comment (and this comment is not aimed at any one particular person), this is the internet. The internet is not, and should not, be a "safe space". If you want a safe space, make one on campus. Similarly, the real world is also not, and should not be a safe space. The joy about having the freedom of speech is being able to say things that others disagree with. If you're so bothered by a comment that someone has made, maybe the problem isn't that person; maybe it's you.
  12. Scorbix

    2017 Backpack?

    If you wish to know my feelings about a component of Canada's history, I would suggest that you ask me rather than making quick assumptions simply because my earlier comment may have offended you, or may have been different than yours. As someone who has worked with Indigenous populations both as a medical student and in my past as both a medical professional and a student, I am no stranger to the plight and suffering that certain populations have experienced. What I have a problem with is someone trying to start an inappropriate conversation (inappropriate within the context of the topic of this thread) when it has no place here - again, in this particular thread. Moreover, I also take issue when someone tries to make a social issue about every little thing in society; I am of the opinion that we should focus on issues that are here and now (e.g. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action) rather than needlessly worrying about the colours on a backpack and how some people might "feel" about it. I would have just the same if someone suggested that the backpack be brown because the Mayflower was made of wood and wood is usually brown. If someone wishes to discuss Canadian history, then fine, do so; just do it in the right thread(s).
  13. Scorbix

    2017 Backpack?

    If the backpacks aren't red, then they aren't red...plenty of people will wear the backpacks regardless of their colour, and someone choose not to wear them (sometimes) based solely on their colour. This backpack colour has nothing to do with any racial issues, so don't try to start something when no one has made any mention about race, gender, etc. If you want to talk about the history of Canada, then bring it up in an appropriate thread. I acknowledge that a lot of bad things have happened in the history of the development of Canada, but this thread has literally NOTHING to do with that. Please take your unnecessary comments elsewhere.
  14. Scorbix

    2017 Backpack Colour Vote is Live!

    Interesting, I really think it will be red this year given that all of the other colours with the exception of pink (at least to my knowledge) have already been made for previous classes.
  15. Scorbix

    Bsc To M.eng To Mscpt To Md?

    Hey there, You're certainly not crazy at all. I completed my MPT last year and am now entering my second year of medicine this fall. I'm probably about the same age as you as well, and while there are some who are much younger than I am who are in medicine, there are also people quite a few years older. Age is merely a number in the grand scheme of things; if you're truly interested in medicine, then I would strongly urge you to consider pursuing it - life is too short to settle. If you have questions about going from PT school to medical school, feel free to PM me.