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  1. I didn't get the email
  2. even if the first degree had semesters that weren't full time?
  3. Agreed, sounded like that to me too. Not sure what the chances are of last minute cancellations but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed.
  4. Just received another email from McMaster, very similar to the first waitlist email. Did anyone else receive this?
  5. Do you know how U of T treats a second degree? Would the weighting formula be applied if you did all years of the second degree full time?
  6. I think if you do a second degree (in two years using courses from your previous degree) then McGill takes only the GPA from your new degree provided that you had a full course load (with mostly 3rd & 4th year courses), I believe you'll need to finish the second degree before you apply however which would make this plan a 3 year plan. Being out of province for McGill also adds to the difficulty though, there are fewer OOP seats.
  7. I think that as long as you don't graduate, an extra year with a 4.0 would make you competitive for 'last two year' schools like Queens & Western, assuming a full course load.
  8. I'm also waitlisted. Someone on another thread mentioned they've received an invite from the waitlist so I guess there's some movement already. Just like you I'm feeling like its a long shot to get an interview from the waitlist but I'm really hoping to get lucky! Good Luck!!
  9. Thanks for the heads up I'll keep an eye out! Congrats on your invite!! Really hoping I get one too.
  10. Thanks everyone for the info, guess I'll keep my fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone waitlisted!
  11. Just received an email from McMaster saying I'm waitlisted for an MMI invitation. Do they send rejections? Or does everyone that didn't get offered an interview get placed on the waitlist?
  12. Same here, I have a Mosaic account that shows my decision as still pending. I'm assuming they haven't sent out rejections yet and hopefully have some more interview invites to send as well.
  13. medschover30

    Invitation Emails

    Yep, I'm still waiting also. I'm assuming they're done for the day.
  14. medschover30

    Invitation Emails

    Could it be alphabetical? I'm still waiting too... last name is near the end of the alphabet.