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  1. made it off wait list
  2. Hey @PT@UBC I'm going through the exact same thing as you. On the wait list and can't make any plans yet for September just in case........ Let's keep each other updated if we get off the wait list (which I hope will be the case)!
  3. I'm on the wait list. I'm not sure what my chances are of getting a spot this year. If anyone that has been in a similar situation can pass on some wisdom, I would really appreciate it!
  4. Thank you @KinGuy19!!! That info really helps!
  5. Hey @c.m. I just sent you, and everyone else who expressed interest, a message through this forum. Let me know if anyone else is interested!
  6. Hey, that's a great idea! I live in Vancouver too. If UBC is a convenient location for everyone, I can book a study room for us to practice. I don't mind going to another more central location either. Let me know!
  7. This is my first time applying. I think my last 30 credits are ~84% and pre-reqs are ~87%. Hope that helps!
  8. Hi! Thanks for starting this thread! I'm a long-time lurker, first time posting. Got my interview invite today too! I noticed that in past years many people had get-togethers to practice. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up to practice!