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  1. do your intern year and try to see if you can switch out of your program into family med- it can be done
  2. I will chime in here. I would encourage you to talk with someone. To give you some perspective, it took me 5 years to get into McMaster (after being granted interviews the last 4 years I applied) . It was my dream school and the only one I applied to. I was too afraid to write the MCAT because I was a non-traditional student and I was so intimidated by what you had to know in science, chemistry and physics and I talked myself out of writing it and of course it narrowed down my choices for which school I could apply to. I was a teacher before I was accepted into medicine. I graduated from my 5 year residency when I was 33. The best friends I have are the ones I made in med school. I had the time of my life in medical school and why- likely because as med students you have so much in common and one would hope there is a genuine degree of caring for your fellow classmates and the competitiveness of getting in was behind me and I was not interested in going after a super competitive speciality. I met my significant other as an intern and I was in a long distance relationship for over 3 years. I found ways of making it work including transferring programs (cities) so I could live with my husband. I think some of the negativity about medicine may come from being talking to people on the front lines and as the Ontario government goes, the fact that the MD's of Ont. have not had a contract in over 5 years. It would be easy for me to get caught up in all of this but then it comes back to reflecting on what it took for me to get accepted to my dream school, the sacrifices that got me there and how much I love my job with the autonomy it brings me and how priviledged I feel to be able to help people in the capacity I do. I treat many people who hate their jobs (from all walks of life) and are struggling because this is what they need to do to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. I saw a patient today who will be able to have life changing treatment soon instead of waiting for another year. I made time to see this patient on a day I usually don't work (trying to arrive at that life-work-working mom balance). The gratitude this patient felt and being able to leave my office "with a plan" made my day. For me, medicine comes down to making a difference in peoples lives and feeling good about what contributions you can make. It also means being realistic too about your limitations, what makes you apprehensive and what you can see yourself doing at the end of the day. There is so much flexibility in medicine and that is what is so great about it. It can take some time to find your way in medicine and find your niche. I hope you can take some time and think this decision through.
  3. LOL- congrats- you had 2 posts on May 30th that appeared to count you out of the running for a spot....so glad it has all worked out for you now go celebrate !!!
  4. Where do you see yourself practicing when you are done? This could be a factor, as well as where your family and friends are. Can’t go wrong with either. My only acceptance after 4 interviews in a row and final acceptance my last try after 5 application cycles was at McMaster. Best time of my life....best wishes with your decision.
  5. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and your journey through medicine and residency. Best of luck in Boston!! You’ll do great ...don’t forget to come back after your fellowship...Ontario needs you !!
  6. congrats and don't forget to breathe!! you are in and yes the admins are now your friends. Welcome to medicine !!!
  7. I only applied to Mac. In 5 years of applying the last 4 I received interviews, I was never wait listed and was accepted my last attempt. Best experience of my life and I am so grateful to have been selected in an ever increasingly competitive applicant pool.
  8. Congrats on your match result. I hope it’s where you wanted to be.
  9. I wasn’t implying they are of lesser quality but I have been curious as to why so many spots go unfilled. And yes, not being bilingual reduces the option to apply for many students to Quebec programs. And maybe practice location post residency has a lot to do with where one would choose to do residency and restrictions in certain provinces including Quebec may factor in the decision.
  10. The post grad educational experience is also vey crucial and one has to wonder why all these spots are going unfilled in Quebec
  11. physicians in a family health team do not have salaries. They are in capitation models (such as a family health organization -FHO) and most are incorporated- they are independent contractors and also are considered under FFS because they can bill for health care procedures outside their basket and work in other FFS venues like surgical assist, ER, nursing home. It is the allied health staff of a FHT (social workers, dietician, diabetic educators etc) who are salaried.
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