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  1. that's a tough one....mac med grad and western trained resident here (grew up in London and not biased at all LOL ) ........welcome to the club........where ever you end up going it will be worth it.......
  2. I hope you can get off the wait list at Western, can you wait until the 11th hour on Tuesday?
  3. I was looking at the chart last night and figured you would be getting a notification this week Congratulations
  4. I am the shrink who was a high school teacher before medicine Love your post!!!
  5. Wonderful to hear!!! Long journey for you. Way to go !! I have wondered how its been going for you down there and even more so since COVID hit. We are doing a lot of telemedicine here in Ontario. I am sure you have heard about the hospital/clinic situations. Next week the government has started to open up the elective surgeries and some clinics will start to see how they can open but most important will be PPE and patient/staff safety.
  6. hi Summergirl25, I read your post. What resonated for me was your feeling that Dal was more your vibe....I think listening to your gut is important. There are prons/cons to both places as you mentioned. At the end of the day you want to feel like you made the best decision for you and where you can really picture yourself going and why. There for sure will be opportunities to even come back to Ontario for electives, summer vacations during med school etc. I don't think going to a school for medicine out of province would disadvantage you in any way when it comes to Carms. I would say to go for it.....I am excited for you that you have this opportunity.
  7. do your intern year and try to see if you can switch out of your program into family med- it can be done
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