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  1. Aegean

    skype interview prep

    i am a part of this skype prep group. feel free to join via this link if you are interested: https://join.skype.com/vxxrQF5m2I1e
  2. Aegean

    skype interview prep

    also interested. please message me
  3. I am looking to practice for my interviews. Is anyone interested in MMI practice in the Toronto area or Durham Region? My schedule is open and I am looking to practice as much as possible. I am also available to practice on Skype. Please post below or message me if you are interested.
  4. is it true that the # of spots has decreased? is there a specific reason for why?
  5. are you still looking to do this?
  6. Hi everyone, since i couldn't find any exisiting groups, I have made a discord group for interview preparations. feel free to join and get started... invite link: https://discord.gg/U2DkguQ
  7. Aegean

    Interview Preparation

    ok, i made a discord group, feel free to join: https://discord.gg/Yn6GZhS
  8. Aegean

    Interview Preparation

    im interested too!
  9. Aegean

    MMI practice?

    im interested too
  10. as somebody who just finished a degree at Trent, please do yourself a favour and avoid it like the plague for premed. compared to the larger univs (i.e. uoft, mcgill), the courses are graded differently...i.e. one 3hr lec /week. 2 hr is lecture. 1 hr is biweekly seminar. i did not feel like i learned much. btw a big chunk of courses are taught by graduate students, contractors, alumni and non-Faculty, so hard to get that reference letter. the majority of your course grade in each course will be determined by subjective components like course papers, seminars etc. btw every course has a major paper with vague instructions that some turd blew out of their ass and all midterms/exams have written components..this all makes it extremely difficult to achieve 90%+ in courses but 80-85 is achieveable, which converts to 3.7, i.e. not competitive for med school. so no, while it may be easy to get into and get mediocore grades at Trent that may be good for grad school, they have a system in place where it is basically impossible to obtain stellar grades necessary for canadian med schools.
  11. deadline is nov 1 for md cm program not nov 3.