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  1. Hey upper years. Which zip house do you recommend joining in?? I think we need to decide by tomorrow...
  2. Hi all, I'll be going into my first year at u of t dental and was emailed information about getting an ODA membership for $220. For those who have had more experience throughout dental school in Ontario, how useful really is the ODA membership?
  3. Has anyone her leveraged some of their LOC money to make profit? If so, which investment opportunities did you pursue?
  4. I've been reading a lot online lately about how many of the patients attending dentists' offices suffer from psychiatric disorders. That said, it seems intuitive that dentists should receive some training/education in psychiatric disorders. Doing so could make dental appointments more efficient in many ways and can benefit the patients as well (i.e. if dentists recognize that someone's pain is simply imagine as opposed to something tangible, they could save themselves the time of having to investigate). That said, are we taught psychiatric disorders in relation to dentistry in some of our dental school courses (i.e. at U of T)?
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    Line Of Credit

    do the scotia banks in Mississauga still do prime -0.5?
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    The Perfect Clerk

    This is very great insight. Thanks, everyone!
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    The Perfect Clerk

    Okay this confuses me a lot. Everyone here is saying be very hard working and kind. But as a first year, I always thought that everyone going into clerkship would try their best to exemplify those skills. I would expect that everyone coming in has the social IQ not to be rude, or not respect the hierarchy, and that if they had the work ethic to get into med school, they should demonstrate that work ethic in clerkship. But a lot of people have been telling me the opposite - that not as many people as you think are actually hard working. Can anyone explain that to me please?
  8. During DDS 1 summer, what are we studying for?
  9. For u of t, the sessional dates chart shows that the summer break is roughly 4 months (the same as with uni). If you're wanting to specialize in, for example, orthodontics, what would you recommend doing during the summers to improve your chances?
  10. Currently selling my Princeton review mcat 2015 books. Please do keep in mind that the questions at the end of each chapter have been answered, so you would rely on the science workbook and cars workbooks for your practise, both of which I have (as soft copies) This deal also includes the purple official guide book. I also have a huge collection of soft copy files for the mcat, many of which are for the 2015 mcat which I purchased separately (I.e. EK101 biology 1, EK101 physics, EK101 CARS workbook). I live in Mississauga, so if you're interested in the materials (I'm selling everything for $80), then please contact me!
  11. Hey I just have to get better at studying the management plan/treatment for a lot of the conditions. That seems to be my issue. I guess it is the clincial reasoning I should work on. But do you have any comments regarding my question of Clerkship? Like how do they assess performance on clerkship.
  12. Hi. I am a first-year med student in a Canadian medical school. So basically, my school is P/F. And I am barely passing these examinations, like by 1-2 %. Yes I pass, and at the end of the day, all I need to do is pass, but I still want to perform well on these examinations. I am worried that my preclerkship performance, which is poor (barely passing) will translate into poor clerkship performance. I do understand that clerkship involves more than just clinical knowledge (i.e communication, collaboration, work ethic, being a good person, etc). But I am wondering if there is any correlation between clerkship and pre-clerkship performance on the wards.
  13. Accepted! GPA: 3.95DAT (AA/RC): 20/20Interview (self-perceived performance): It felt incredible smooth. All of my interviewers seemed genuniely interested in what I had to say. I was able to slide personal examples into all of my responses, and I walked out of each room feeling as though I had just made a new friend. These people are NOT out to get you. IP
  14. Accepted! GPA: 3.95 AA: 20 PAT: 20 even with average DAT scores, anything is possible I guess?
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    U of T Interview2018 Invite/Rejection

    Invite GPA: 3.95 PAT: 20 AA: 20 IP