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  1. Hey guys, COST: I have two rooms for rent in Edmonton. I am doing some renos now until May so it's best to move in around May 1st. One room is $550 +utilities and the other is $600 + utilities. LOCATION It has an 11 minute drive to the U of A hospital or 6 minute drive to transit and 12 minute bus ride SITUATION If you really wanted, I could make April free if that was a benefit for you but be aware of the dust storm. I am VERY flexible to make it work for someone. If you want to come and use my place as a temporary home while looking for something permanent I can do a monthly lease, you can do a monthly lease and see if you like it and then sign longer term or we can do a one year lease. MORE DETAILS: The place is 998 sq. ft. with a basement. It will have three bedrooms (two are master size one normal size), two full bathrooms, laundry room, nice kitchen with granite counter tops, two large living rooms and a big back yard. WHO I AM: I'm a very athletic, male, medical student from Edmonton originally. I am obviously going to the U of A and went here for undergrad as well for physiology. I'm pretty chill and not a huge partyer, love cooking, watching hockey, and am a pretty clean person. If you want pictures, more information, or questions answered my email is verhoeff@ualberta.ca
  2. Are you guys part of the class of 2019? If yes, we are having a social after the financial event next week. Just another suggestion for the meetup. I think the O-weekl committee is putting it on.
  3. Alberta is a poor man's BC haha. Great comment. I would say that's fairly accurate but there's also some things Alberta wins over BC. For me it's the outdoor rinks that most places in BC can't make. The river valley is awesome though and campus is basically on the river valley. There's actually a ton of cool things to in and around it. There's 3? ski hills in Edmonton but they are VERY small. Like the poster above said, the rockies are the place to go skiing. I live east of the city in the country and there's a couple cool things to do that I know of out here. Lots of people don't know about the blackfoot provincial park which has some cool hiking and cross country skiing trails.
  4. Hey Economist... I'm not in med (yet) but I know there is a STIM program where you can do research in the summers and get the STIM added to your MD degree. The STIM is MD with special training in research. Here is a link with info: http://www.med.ualberta.ca/programs/mdstir Also... from personal experience at the U of A I think it is so easy to get research opportunities. I did research after first year and got to shadow etc. so getting a position as a medical student should be even easier. Most profs at the U of A and researchers will take you on for a project with an email or two to them.
  5. One other note on some recreational opportunities... The med class has soccer, hockey, etc etc etc. teams that are for the med students. There is absolutely a ton of opportunities and there's lots of general undergrad opportunities too. I know a lot of people who come to Edmonton for medicine and start playing hockey for the first time. By the way, the gym is awesome! In my personal opinion... if you are looking to save money then finding a place north or south of campus along the LRT line is a good choice. The LRT is included in our fees so we can take it wherever and it drops you off at the door of the lectures essentially. I think it would probably be a 3 minute walk.
  6. Hey guys, so I've been accepted to the U of A and will be choosing to stay here rather than other options. As I start thinking about I realized a lot of people probably have a ton of questions about U of A, Edmonton, living here etc. I know I would if I was moving away. MOST OF ALL I AM VERY EXCITED TO MEET THE CLASS. I FEEL LIKE WE HAVE JOINED A FAMILY TOGETHER. I have lived in Edmonton my whole life so if anyone has questions about where to live, stuff to do in Edmonton, what the U of A facilities are like etc. I am here to answer some questions and help out my future colleagues. Like I said, can't wait to meet everyone. Also...rumour has it that once you accept your invitation you are invited to a Facebook group with everyone in your class so that's an option for questions too.
  7. Thanks for answering. The three year program is fine by me, it's mostly the age gap/disconnect problem that I'm struggling to overcome. Good to get another perspective though.
  8. So... I interviewed at the U of C and my perception of the program dropped off a cliff. I like the 3 year program more after being explained the thought process behind it and the facilities are nice but I have two major concerns (big enough that if I didn't get in I would consider not applying next year to U of C). 1. I'm a 3rd year and you can definitely feel that Calgary attracts older students. Median age of acceptance was 25 and you can sense that at the interview. I met one other undergrad and spoke to around 30 people. That's not old but my problem is that when I was at interview I noticed a strong disconnect between current students and myself. This was mostly because I just simply can't relate to someone who's been through a PhD or has a family etc. They even mentioned that your spouse or kids become part of the "family" in the faculty when you are accepted and I am nowhere near that point in my life. I just seem to be at a different point in my life than the first year students. Do you find yourself as the odd person out in the class? Do you sense the "that's the young one" kind of feeling I was getting at interview? I look at it and have those concerns but also see it as an opportunity to experience different viewpoints etc. but I don't want that at the cost of not connecting with my colleagues. 2. The three year program has a great thought behind it but everyone I spoke to seemed rushed. Yes, I agree that we are training to work all year around etc. and I actually like this premise. However, everything seems like "Quick lets pack it in we only have 3 years!" Do you feel that way after a year in the program? With regards to #2 it just seems to lack professional development time. I'd prefer a 4 year program where students had the opportunity to shadow in the summer, work in the hospital, do research and just try some new things that still relate to the profession.
  9. I'm wondering if we'll see a 5pm set and an 8pm set like last time...
  10. I'm confused. Everyone keeps saying the March interview invites are all done but I haven't seen any for March 7th (minus that one rescheduling). Am I missing something?
  11. Question mostly for the current students. What do you know about when we will find out about billeting. I understand it's first come first serve but will we find out if someone is willing to take us AND if we will not be taken anywhere. Also, do you have any clue what date we will know by? Basically I'm wondering if I should proactively book a hotel room etc. or at what date I should start thinking about doing so. As a side note, thank you to anyone who is participating in the billeting and driving it's a huge help to many of us!
  12. I received the email twice so I'm guessing that they're trying to get it to all of you who didn't get it the first time.
  13. So... now we have something else to speculate about... Will it be the fourth, the fifth or possibly anytime after that?
  14. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at this point.
  15. If I was the one sending out the emails I would watch this forum and laugh every couple hours. Then, when the number of people reached 150... I would hit send.
  16. Is anyone else watching the number of people on this forum slowly increase? Up to 113 in the calgary section. We were at 43 last hour ha.
  17. What does that mean? Were they just trying to not answer because they're going to release them?
  18. I have looked up what a Canadian passport sized photo is and the government of Canada site says 2" by 2 3/4" That's all fine but when I put my photo up beside my true passport the photo is much larger. Can someone clarify what a passport sized photo is?
  19. Does anyone have a date of when the interview requests/regrets will be sent? I know before the third but is there any rumblings of a more specific date?
  20. Hey Aetherus, You got in as a third year. I'm interested to hear your opinion on what makes a third year applicant successful. If you could name a few general personal qualities that you think separate a "younger" applicant what would they be? Maturity is the obvious one but I'd like to hear more. I applied at the U of Alberta last year and was rejected post interview. However, looking back I feel like this year has been well worth an extra year of... i don't know... perspective mostly. That being said, I really feel like another year of waiting wouldn't provide the same experience. I'm also wondering if anyone else felt that way? P.S. Queens is quickly moving up on my "top schools" list of the ones I've applied to. Edit: I secretly hope to meet Aetherus
  21. Does anyone know if there are any options for people headed to Queens for interviews to stay somewhere cheap? I know a few other schools (UBC) have setup where the med students offer a couch or something if they can. I'm wondering if there's something similar at Queens? Thanks ahead of time for the help.
  22. Does Ottawa usually send them out in groups? I haven't received an email but everyone on the other forum who posted was an invite. Possible that rejections are later?
  23. I'm pretty amazed with what I've read here. I understand the goal of this program and of the health sciences degree at Mac but the problem I see is equality. For QuARMs... Yes, they are most likely exceptional students. However, only a select few people will have access to this opportunity. Also, I ask you if you could pick out the "most likely to succeed as a physician" from your graduating class. I doubt you, or anyone could. EVEN if they could reliably select 10 people with the absolute ability to become physicians, there is no purpose for this program. If their goal is to fast track education then why not simply allow second year undergraduates to apply? If their theory is right, they would select the same 10 people after the first two years of their degree. However, everyone would have the ability to apply, the applicants would be much more mature with a greater life perspective, and the main goal of fast tracking education would persist. For example, an 18 year old was accepted at the U of Alberta this year. For the health sciences degree... Again, my argument is based on equality and accessibility. If medical schools are going to accept applications from all schools then all of the schools should have equal acceptance rates. You shouldn't be selected based on an advantage your school gives you. Sure I could fly east and go to McMaster but how many people do? If that is your argument, the same could be said for the lack of access to health care for northern populations. Someone can say "well they can just fly to large cities." That's not equal access in my mind. If the program does in fact provide a benefit to becoming a physician then it should be offered at all the major schools. Either that or it should not be seen as a benefit in your application, which it obviously is currently. The medical community has worked VERY hard to achieve equality to access a career as a physician. Whether it be due to costs, race, sex, or location you live, efforts have been made to seek equality. These programs undermine that goal. My question for the forum is this... What kind of actions (other than typing on a forum) have occurred for our voice to be heard?
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