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  1. Hey! Sorry for the delay, I don't come here that often anymore! Overall a bit of both, I just made sure to give a purpose to everything I put there, even to put a spin to simple things like hobbies and such, just to show I'm a well rounded applicant. I also think that unless it is something that's absolutely unique and outstanding in your CV, you should probably not put too much emphasis on older experiences (more than 5 years). It is a personal opinion though and let's say this one amazing thing you did 10 years ago makes you totally unique, I would include it, but I just don't think putting let's say you first year undergrad research project is worth if you've done a master's and published 2 or 3 times since then. Use that space for something else, show how well rounded you are!
  2. Definitely worth applying, I got in with a 3.8ish GPA. I think the most important thing is to make sure your application stands out in some way, cause there are a lot of people with high GPAs, huge amounts of volunteering and research etc. My advice would be to make sure to highlight the things that make you different in your CV and to try to bind it into a complete story that makes sense. Choose the most important experiences and justify why you think they're important rather than just peppering you CV with things just in order to show you've done a lot. It worked for me anyways so hopefully it will for you too :) Anyways, all this to say that your GPA is not an obstacle at all at this point.
  3. I wish.... But no I still had to do it even though I finished my Master's
  4. We got an email saying the UGME offices are closed today, so it seems that the postponing of this is due to the bad weather/road conditions sorry guys!
  5. The program that'll count is the one you've completed at least 45 credits in. You'll actually see the GPA they give you in the Excel sheet you'll fill. You still need to input all your grades though. Per example, I had a 3.4 GPA in music and a 3.80 in Biochem. Only my Biochem GPA was taken into account.
  6. I think you should apply, doesn't mean you'll get the interview but you might. Plus, McGill gives you your rankings in the case you are rejected, which means you'd know where you're application needs improvement. There is also a 10% circumstance factor on your GPA, so depending on your program and what you did during your undergrad (work, volunteering, sports, graduate studies, etc), your academics score could be higher than someone who has a 3.9 GPA in some other circumstances. At worst you'll lose 100$ but you'll get some useful insight on what to improve.
  7. Date limit to defer was July 1st.. sry bud I don't there will be more. Maybe people getting in off other school's waitlist is the more likely cause for movement if there is more to come.
  8. Don't worry, I emailed them about this earlier this summer and as long as it's in process, it's fine. I still have my 3rd hep B shot scheduled in December, it's no worry, just send what you have by July 31st.
  9. All right!!!! Congrats my friend, see you soon.
  10. It's gonna be close, good luck to you guys!!!
  11. Historically, it usually moves a bit after July 1st. I did think it'd move a bit more before today and it still might tomorrow! I know this must be terrible for you right now, but keep hoping!
  12. Hey, I can't answer to you first questions since I have no idea about online universities, but if you want your rankings from McGill you have to ask for them to admission. Good luck!
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