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  1. Most of the people will be heavily in debt. The clear answer? Pay them to be your friend.
  2. I usually end my emails with something of this sort: YOLO Peace.
  3. oh no you're gunna die... good luck on your last few days m8
  4. All you need to know is in this video: ... may be NSFW
  5. Go Blackhawks! But I secretly want a game 7.
  6. Horribad. Everyone fights over marks. No one will let you sit near them because they don't want you to learn as much as them. People will discourage you from coming to class. They also do other sneaky things such as hide your laptop, set your locker on fire, lock you in the bathroom during tests, etc. After every test mark comes back, everybody asks everybody what they got and if anyone gets a higher mark than them, they get a swift kick in the groin. Even if you got a lower mark than the person asking, you might still get a kick in the groin. If they can stop you from having kids, then they are more successful than you. (jk)
  7. Dave update us on your journey to med school. You a surgeon making 400k yet?
  8. Gonna be some real good hockey.
  9. I believe the dean said there is only one spot for 2/3rd year OOPs at UofA currently and it may not be filled every year. This may change in the coming years though.
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