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  1. those that got accepted off waitlist...congrats...what was the timestamp on your waitlist email? 8:22 or 8:23? I'm really starting to believe this theory...
  2. Yeah, I was creeping some of last year's stats and found people who never made it off waitlist and received an earlier email, and people who were accepted off waitlist and actually received a later email.
  3. As an 8:23AM i propose that they sent invites to those at the top of the waitlist last
  4. We can see results going out as early as when? Tomorrow? Monday??
  5. So is the consensus that your odds are ~60% after the interview?
  6. yes, i would love to watch this, but couldn't find the link. anyone have it saved?
  7. TIME STAMP: March 30, 12:13 pm Result: Reject wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 10/10/10 ECs: 1 first author, tons of posters and presentations, volunteering at hospital, various student governments, played varsity sport and played it professionally sports, worked for a couple of years as an engineer in a medically related field. Numerous awards for sports, academics and research. Essays: Spent a lot of time on them, proofread by multiple people. Year: Finished MSc, worked for the last 2 years Geography: IP No idea what's going on at U of T. The year before last I was rejected AFTER the final interview (so was presumably short-listed just incase someone cancelled last minute). Improved my application and last year I interviewed and was waitlisted until September after which I got rejected. I've since improved my application again and now get rejected pre-interview? The strange world of med school applications...
  8. I remember a couple years back I still didn't hear back right up until the Friday before the final interview (the last interview was literally the next day). What made it confusing was that on the Friday, they sent a message on their Facebook group telling everyone that all the rejections had been sent out and all the interview spots had been filled. It was only until the Monday (day after the last interview), that I called the office and asked what was up? The interview already happened and they notified everyone that all the rejections were sent out. She said that I was held in a small reserve group just in case someone bailed last minute and that I was in fact now rejected. I said thanks, hung up the phone and received an email 5 minutes later notifying me that I was rejected. My guess would be that they still have spots left, probably very few. And that most of us are already in the rejected batch waiting to be notified, a few will be lucky enough to get an interview last minute, and a handful will probably be dragged out to the very end like I was a couple years back.
  9. I have a EU passport, and am still struggling to get into school in Canada. Why is it worth it for me to invest 300k to go to Ireland and not worth it for someone who does not have an EU passport?
  10. Still waiting. MSc grad...was on the waitlist last cycle until late-August.
  11. Definitely agree that there is still hope. I was just pointing out that there is reason (pretty good reason) to have less hope than you would have had in January. Oh well...hanging in there...
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